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Username: Demyx
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 5:46 pm

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Warning: I can be slow to reply, I don't really play FV anymore (although I will still pop in from time to time).

Props to Lu for any CSS you might find here. I'm too lazy to invest a lot of time in CSS for anything other than my own personal website.

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    • Ahhh, I didn't expect you to ping me in the spread the love thread! It was too late for me to respond, ahhh. Us Kingdom Hearts fans stick together like an organization. :B

    • what is your signature from?

    • AWHHH, Thank you for your sweet words in the STL thread!! ;A; Congrats on filling up your Toybox!! I'm happy I could help <3

    • Something tells me that the fairy definitely saw!~

    • good luck getting items ^^
      I heard there is a magic plushie fairy going around :)

    • Hey wussy-wussy.. Water boy! Ha!

    • Hello and thanks for your purchase!

    • Oh ok! And you're welcome, i'm probably gonna be giving away any non-magical plushies i find cuz i only go for magical ones.

    • Thank you so much for having those chihuahua plushies in the stall. Ive been looking for those for months.....i lov chihuahuas ☆

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