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Username: turquoise
Gender: Unspecified
Last Online: 23 Nov 2018, 2:23 pm
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 7:08 pm

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coy | 24 | it/its

★ desert landscape/xeric animal enthusiast
★ came for the main animals, stayed for the smaller animals


aiming for: skeleton catbat | rainbow peep | blue throated hummingbird | australian shepherd chihuahua, tuxedo sphinx, egyptian sphinx, black spiny mouse

goal achieved: white spirit, black wuff, moonlit wuff, black spider, black bat, black kritty, black witchy | white doge, husky doge, winter arcty, summer hare | appaloosa sharkitty | moon butterfly, stone croc | white hydra, appaloosa uni, stardust uni, adorned uni (!!!), blue drax (thanks anon!) | tabby flitten, normal ball python (thanks melody!), red kitsune, silver kitsune, spooky kitsune, pink sphinx, gold fennec fox, gray fennec fox, tan chihuahua, gray pawsum, marbled spiny mouse, striped dunk, pumpkin spice dunk


css by cro

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    • Thank you for the candy + Compliment! ^^

    • Thank you for the candy!! <33

    • Would you mind if I remade your base price guide?

    • :o thank you

    • thank you for the uni :)

    • oh. well then how dare you

    • Thank you! You're so nice. ^o^

    • You're incredible. (thank you haha)

    • thanks for the manti! ill give him a nice home \0/

    • Thank you so much for the uni!! ´ v ` )/ <3

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