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User ID: #37557
Username: Itty-Bitty
Gender: Genderfluid
Last Online: 19 Sep 2016, 7:09 pm
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 3:10 pm

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Feel free to ask me for help on the site! I'm still learning but Im more than happy to chat or help out anyone new as well as answer questions since we're all new here we oughta help one another out!


Itty-Bitty Thagador



21 // F // NYC // Fetishist // Lazy // Artist // Loyal

☕ Get to know me before you judge. ☕



(( Only friends I know on personal level ))

Mimi -41906
Ennaillim -38497
Mareep -63030
Kuroleopard -37632
Slimepard -38483
Ebonystrikefox -41846
RusticZero -30404
ReaperRunning -40159
CreepinOn -41014
SquibbinOff -51935
Thagador -41366
CryoGoggles -41797

If you just want to chat, just sent me a message! 146-26-diamond.png

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    • Okay, awesome! Thank you sooo so much! (I'm at 36 wood now)
      They go by Experiment413 on here and FurAffinity, they're doing base coloring for 250 FurCash or 50 FurDollars. I believe they're putting commissions on hold but here's a link to their FA page: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/experiment413/ Like I said, they go by the same username on here so yeah. ^-^
      I tried editing a wolf base base for myself but the software I use doesn't like working with it the pictures so I commissioned them and they got back to me with the finished product pretty fast. :)

    • Yeah they got my paintie done today, I have it saved now and I payed 250 in game currency. ^-^
      Agh, I wish i hadn't sold my wood, I'm at 18 right now but I'll let ya know once I have 3 stacks of 150 so we can trade wood for dollars. <3

    • True, I think the currency equality is a bit off in that case when it comes to transferring it to an exact amount worth from cash to dollars.
      Oh jeez, I just sold a whole bunch of my wood.That explains why it sold so fast. 0_0 But I can definitely start stacking up so we can trade, thank you so much! :D
      They charged me 250 FurCash which I don't think was a bad deal and thankfully the turn around was pretty fast. I'm so glad they asked cash and not dollars. x_x

    • Hi! ^-^ You seem a lot more experienced than me haha, do you think you could tell me how to get FurDollars without paying with actual money? :3
      I commissioned a paintie from someone and didn't realize I had to pay with FurDollars instead of FurCash. :T

    • How did you do that with to your background? Its really cool and so are your villagers.

    • where did you get the unicorn animal you have attached? :)

    • Thank you! I finally figured it out :3 Heheh I was remaining as the Animal Husbandry :D

    • Thank you! X3 I will be sure to change to an Explorer and try that out. Where do I go to begin exploring?

    • Hi there! You may be more experienced than me XD Have you any idea how to progress a character? ^-^

    • I see, I see ^w^
      I'll be keeping all the seeds then and make sure to advance in the game at my pace.
      Thanks a lot for all the advices. I think I can make it here and have fun now :3

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