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User ID: #37557
Username: Itty-Bitty
Gender: Genderfluid
Last Online: 19 Sep 2016, 7:09 pm
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 3:10 pm

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Feel free to ask me for help on the site! I'm still learning but Im more than happy to chat or help out anyone new as well as answer questions since we're all new here we oughta help one another out!


Itty-Bitty Thagador



21 // F // NYC // Fetishist // Lazy // Artist // Loyal

☕ Get to know me before you judge. ☕



(( Only friends I know on personal level ))

Mimi -41906
Ennaillim -38497
Mareep -63030
Kuroleopard -37632
Slimepard -38483
Ebonystrikefox -41846
RusticZero -30404
ReaperRunning -40159
CreepinOn -41014
SquibbinOff -51935
Thagador -41366
CryoGoggles -41797

If you just want to chat, just sent me a message! 146-26-diamond.png

Villagers 10

Comments 92

    • ahhh thank you omg!! ah i found them on a kidcore blog O:

    • Ahh lucky! I've been trying to get mine to work, I have coding in but it doesn't show up.

    • Wooow! Your friends goo leop looks really cool! I'd love to try it out if you wanted me to!
      I am ALWAYS working gradients into my gooeier creations :D So if I'm allowed to do them, I'd loooveee to see the cyan-y red color in my style haha. It's totally okay if you don't want it anymore though!
      ((I always feel like I'm invading when it comes to these things, so I gotta make sure xD))

      But yeah! Hit me up with more info if youre interested, or don't, its totally cool!
      I accepted your Friend Request too! Not sure what that does, BUT WE FRIENDS NOW~ haha :D

    • Hello again! X3 You figured out coding? ^-^ (I still can't quite figure it out)

    • I'm afraid to over price because I use deviantART and people were always SUPER avoidable with me when it came to anything like, over $5, which sucks entirely because I have CFS and its difficult for me to do something in general (I get super tired!) and then like, the price being low makes me not want to do in general, you know? Also that sounds fab! I'd love to see your friends leopard if you were interested. Also I charge in £, not $ sorry! But Paypal changes currency anyhoo! It's okay if you wanna decline though. I'd love to take on the offer!

    • Haha, I'm over here embarrassed because I'm messing with the code constantly. I was thinking of pricing between £5 to £10 depending on complexity, allowing people to haggle too. I do chibis generally! But lately I need the money so! Haha! Here's my jelly sorbet baby! I like making gummy babies, but I'm good with realistic animals too I think! :D Also sure, I can PM it maybe? I don't really wanna share it publically because I want it to be kinda unique ;u;

    • // Takes mone and slides back some pretty dank memes //

      It's just a pain to find exactly what you want changed, like the lower half of comments, the headers, etc. I'm sure a forum will come around eventually!

    • thank you for all your compliments o//w//o Black Jack is actually named and painted after my own cat. my sweet son i've raised from a kitten.
      Your profile is so lovely btw!!

    • It's a pretty decent price, I'd have to think about it...
      Oh, thank you ever so much! I love your CSS! I've been tinkering with the CSS on one of my villagers, but it can be finicky sometimes.

    • Thank you so much! Your profile looks amazing~!

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