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User ID: #37557
Username: Itty-Bitty
Gender: Genderfluid
Last Online: 19 Sep 2016, 7:09 pm
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 3:10 pm

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Feel free to ask me for help on the site! I'm still learning but Im more than happy to chat or help out anyone new as well as answer questions since we're all new here we oughta help one another out!


Itty-Bitty Thagador



21 // F // NYC // Fetishist // Lazy // Artist // Loyal

☕ Get to know me before you judge. ☕



(( Only friends I know on personal level ))

Mimi -41906
Ennaillim -38497
Mareep -63030
Kuroleopard -37632
Slimepard -38483
Ebonystrikefox -41846
RusticZero -30404
ReaperRunning -40159
CreepinOn -41014
SquibbinOff -51935
Thagador -41366
CryoGoggles -41797

If you just want to chat, just sent me a message! 146-26-diamond.png

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    • Oooh! Okay cool! I'm over here thinkin' it'll be a day, WELP. Probably not haha :p
      By the way! Do you know how much a paintie is worth? I'd love to do commissions but I'm pretty basic and don't know how to price. I can send a link of one I made if you like! Also, I changed my profile just now :D

    • Actually wait up --- I still have a silly question haha! How long did it take for a paintie go through? Do you know? O: I currently uploaded 2 about three hours ago, currently waiting on them!

    • When you're editing your CSS look for a field that is body: color and maybe that'll change it. I'd have to look at your code to fix it up. :)

    • Woww haha, the gembound potion is so expensive *___*;;;
      I will have a look around for info on the profile thing too :D thanks

    • Thank you so much for the sweet comment! Yor profile is beautiful btw, so you do commissions for page layouts? Also, Queen is precious and I'm sure your Paintie will be super cute!

    • Thanks for the comment. I love your page! Although now that I am commenting, is it possible to change the CSS text color for the comments? I am having trouble writing it x3

    • How did you do such a thing to your profile? :D
      It looks fab!! :3

    • Your page is so cute!! And hello, your herbalist, Queen, is such a cutie!!

    • No problem! I'll be sure to stop by again some time soon~ :D
      Hehe, I hope you have a lovely day as well! Thanks again for all the help and for being so kind. :)

    • Thanks for the comment! I love your profile page!!

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