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User ID: #37557
Username: Itty-Bitty
Gender: Genderfluid
Last Online: 19 Sep 2016, 7:09 pm
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 3:10 pm

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Feel free to ask me for help on the site! I'm still learning but Im more than happy to chat or help out anyone new as well as answer questions since we're all new here we oughta help one another out!


Itty-Bitty Thagador



21 // F // NYC // Fetishist // Lazy // Artist // Loyal

☕ Get to know me before you judge. ☕



(( Only friends I know on personal level ))

Mimi -41906
Ennaillim -38497
Mareep -63030
Kuroleopard -37632
Slimepard -38483
Ebonystrikefox -41846
RusticZero -30404
ReaperRunning -40159
CreepinOn -41014
SquibbinOff -51935
Thagador -41366
CryoGoggles -41797

If you just want to chat, just sent me a message! 146-26-diamond.png

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    • Ahhh I see. There's no such option with the boots I found so I take it there aren't to be worn. Or my character isn't supposed to wear them x3
      Now I feel like I need to ask you even more question... Such as what is my herbalist supposed to do else then making tons and tons of seeds? Should I do anything with these seeds or just sell them? And what are these recipe to buy in shops?

    • Waw, thanks a lot ^^
      I would've one final question x3 (sorry for all this btw)
      Is there a way to equip items? For example... I found boots an I was wandering if my character could wear them? And how? x3

    • Oki doki ^^
      Everything is fine now. I used my 20 explorations (when will they "respawn" ?) and solf stuffs and made my herbalist work.
      What is there to do with all the money I made?

    • Should I mayyybe sell items to other people?
      Like the rare things... Or maybe not?

    • Hey... So I am an explorer now x3 I took my little guy outside the village to find stuffs and he came back with money and some items (one of the was classed "super are") what should I do with these items? (they don't seem to be related to my herbalist xD )

    • Odd, I could've swore that it changed from something to zero! AND I remember the first slot costing 500 FD.

      What a shame, I thought I could get a Paintie of one of my characters! xD

    • Thanks a lot for the advices ^^ Although I just found a lion. Will he be lost when I change job?

    • I can't really say that I am enjoying it xD
      I just started here and I picked it cause it said it was a beginner class.
      I still have all my money so I think I'll be taking a second slot right away ^^

    • How do I earn FD, through referrals? Because I used my 500 on another villager. xD

    • So animal husbandry might not be the best job to pick as a beginner?It's weird cause it's shown as an easy job. Should I change it for explorer?

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