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Username: Goji
Last Online: 8 Dec 2022, 11:45 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 1:21 pm

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I am no longer active. If you were linked here from my art or painties, you can locate me on other social media for my work!

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I funded the Best Friends Furrever plush! The purple dog is PriestGuts fursona and the pink one is mine. He's the best!

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    • No, its fine! I just like to smooth things over- especially when I feel that I've done something wrong. Its just my nature. I'm sorry- you didn't do anything wrong, friend. So please don't worry~! <3

    • Asdfghkjl-- I am super happy to hear you liked them! ; 0 ; I was hoping it wasn't too weird posting those when the point of the thread was to give you doodle suggestions tbh, haha! @ V @ ;;

    • Im always dying lmao. My college doesnt have semesters, it has quarters. So instead of having midterms and finals twice a year i have it four times a year.
      I wanna DIE

    • !!!!!!!!!!!!! Im an animation major too!! :0

    • Im gonna sound like a huge dumbass but....what do u mean by thesis........my only understanding of that word is when its used to write essays. But i feel like thats not what ur talking about

    • Ur liquidating ur account? I hope ur ok >_<

    • no prob bob <3

    • Thank you for the candy shop items at the giving tree! <3

    • Yes indeed how terrible, I do not know how they could allow such horrible guts on this site, think of the children (oh also I'll send over a spooky ghost tomorrow hehe)

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