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Username: Parrallax
Gender: idiot
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 7:16 pm

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Jay / Jaybird / Zino
Hello! My name is Jay, welcome to my page. I like to draw a lot, mostly as a hobby right now, but hopefully as a career in the future. I enjoy making OCs and worldbuilding a lot! If you ever need to talk for whatever reason, feel free to send me a message for anything at all. ^^
✔✔ dinosaurs - birds - snakes - dragons - biology - paleontology - worldbuilding - D&D - TAZ - Pokemon - Monster Hunter - Final Fantasy XIV - NieR: Automata - Kingdom Hearts - Fossil Fighters - Steven Universe - probably a lot more ✔✔
✘✘ horror movies and games - hot weather - loud noises - math of most varieties - The Vague Menacing Swirling Mass in the Corner of This Room ✘✘
my toyhou.se - background credit - icon credit

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    • You can credit me here or on toyhouse! I have the same user on both sites ;v;
      I am glad you like the design ^^.

    • Aaaaa I know the point of the game is to make an oc for a person but thank you still! And you made him look really awesome, so again, thank you!
      also I took a screenshot of your post in the thread because I saw it a little late and I got paranoid that someone might have stolen him and uploaded it to their TH, so I took it as proof that I’m the rightful owner of the character

    • Omggg thank you for drawing Damon like that im wheezing it is on point, absolutelyThe Best :'D <3

    • No problem! ^^


    • I was told your birthday is near. So I'm here to wish you a happy birthday!


    • Nice username c;

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