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Username: Rosaceae
Gender: Female
Registered: 4 Jul 2016, 1:36 am

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18 | she/her | fv time

idk what to put here lmao

tysm weird scaly fairy for the fragments!!! i really appreciate it <3

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    • I should have enough inventory space now! :D

    • Just wanted to say that im happy to see another genshin fan here <3 Manga Diluc is the best Diluc

    • ah thank you. and yeah, life got in the way and I can't really do art right now.

    • your welcome! in return well, try and surprise me!

    • That's cool. To be fair, the game is kind of obscure... I found out about it from following vgperson.

      I have a tag dedicated to it on tumblr if you're interested. Also working on the tvtropes page for it, though that's not my creation:

    • I see you're a Witch's Heart fan! Is Noel your fave character?

      Willardo is mine tbh. Considering changing my avatar to him

    • Thank you so much for the 250k FC!!! I really needed that, actually! I put it in the bank though so I don't spend too much haha

      Sorry if I forgot to thank you!

    • Really sor about the wait!! Here's the Art owo



    • Thank you so much!

    • Hey, uh, so... I see you have 1,000 Vial of Pinks in your gallery... Well, check out my gallery! >:D

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