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Username: MonsterMeds
Gender: Genderfluid
Last Online: 31 Oct 2018, 3:27 pm
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 12:22 pm

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MonsterMeds | Jasper | DA | FA

This account is dead, please talk to me either on DA or FA, links are above
Thanks ♥

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    • Dang o:

      how is florida???

      yah omg those are precious too! C:

      LOL. Soon my beasts will be warriors again so then I can make you spoopy, did you get one already? I usually stop working on people's requests if they don't bug me about it ;A; i'm bad

    • LOL the world may never know!

      And actually I'm making them all shifties and going to be uploading this new species that I fell in love with. They're all gonna be animal husbandry and i'll change my liquor beasts back to warriors.

    • OH LOL no no I bred them separately within their own species lOL omg

      LOL omg omg omg so funny story NOW I'M BROKE!

    • LOL the catbat? xD

      And no problem! Hope you're having fun c:

    • LOL just today a bred a brown spider and bat and I'm like, "You couldn't give me the brown animal I really want... THE CATBAT!"

    • thank you so much!!!!!! <3 :D

    • LOL I think so. But i love bing rewards, really.

      i'm trying to get two so I can breed a catbat army xD
      and Dragon's Maw Manor pets! :D

    • Yay! She's amazing... I can't even.
      Ps Bing gives me free money to use it so I'm like "Kay, I'm broke thanks!"

      It's a glorious catbat omg. My friend said I am this one as opposed to the other rarities. It's a DMM pet.

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