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Username: MonsterMeds
Gender: Genderfluid
Last Online: 31 Oct 2018, 3:27 pm
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 12:22 pm

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MonsterMeds | Jasper | DA | FA

This account is dead, please talk to me either on DA or FA, links are above
Thanks ♥

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    • yeah not sure why it hasnt been working lately :c

    • Yeah but instead i got scolded in public so that he other staff could hear like to be made an example of I would have left but I don't have that many paid sick leave hours left I've got to tough it out my breathing is only labored now tho because of the humidity and my weight ;/

    • Sent a trade, sorry if you wanted a transfer~

    • I think we may have traded the wrong costume :0

    • ahhhh i love ur birch background theyre my favorite trees

    • Haha omfg

      OH yeah but I wasn't feeling well and I asked to rest because I have asthma but the principal got pissed off it sucks there's nothing to do because schools about to start

    • LOL OMG ur poor kitchen dishes xD

      And yeah I'm not a good employee I'm a bad kid

      Im not even hiding in slacking in plain sight rn

    • haaha yeah im glad they dont make apts here like they do where i used to live. NYC the biggest hardest move was from my familie's apt on the 5th floor there the elevator was broken it was a sad freaking day.

      Im glad ur doing well o 3o im sad w/o internets so here i am at work being bad and hiding in the computer lab xD

    • *claps* I've just gotten lax because people undercut costumes so much

    • *nod nod* You know what, I'm gonna make my warriors work again xD they've taken a loooooong break

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