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Username: MonsterMeds
Gender: Genderfluid
Last Online: 31 Oct 2018, 3:27 pm
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 12:22 pm

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MonsterMeds | Jasper | DA | FA

This account is dead, please talk to me either on DA or FA, links are above
Thanks ♥

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    • Yeah man not to mention I live on the second floor - @

      I hope you feel better man Dx summer colds suck

    • xD FD is the real struggle!

    • xD honestly I've gotta start making costumes again, I'm just making fc and watching my fd disappear LOL

    • haha. they're a bit pricey for me, but one of my friends really likes them o: they are cute too

    • haha ive been calling u that since i met u but not to ur face XD
      I just moved into my own apt in the same state.

      and oh no you okay? D:

    • Hey M&M how you doing <33 I just moved into my new apt so things have been hectic and cray. HBU?

    • NooOooooOooo lame! :(

      I love the little art, aw. And the shell *o*

    • Yay!!! Who's the pirate?!

      awh >O< SO CUTEEE!!!!

    • Dang o: I hope it gets sold!

      Oh heck yes you do!

    • I had that issue when I made one too, they don't sell too well. I had to go onto the forums and sell it.

      xD I see, but sounds like you're having a blast, disney is awesome!

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