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Username: DirtSaliva
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 3:34 pm

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tumblr_inline_o97qayMJg41qhsezp_500.giftumblr_inline_o97q4hSg6J1qhsezp_500.gif ◌ ⚝tumblr_inline_o97qb2dPWR1qhsezp_500.gif
tumblr_inline_o97pnpVDKB1qhsezp_500.giftumblr_inline_o97pmdTfol1qhsezp_500.giftumblr_inline_o97pmcEFUd1qhsezp_500.gif tumblr_inline_o97pmdTfol1qhsezp_500.gif tumblr_inline_o97pnpVDKB1qhsezp_500.gif
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6NO9JSJ.gif 26snBmL.gif

thanks mzza


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    • It's simple BBCode, so [*img]IMAGEURL[*/url] (sans asterisks, of course). ^^

    • Awesome, thank you so much! =)

    • oh gosh tysm-- im still crying over how cute nectar is <3
      im krys btw! nice to meet ya c:

    • aa hello there!! ;u;

    • pfft, i should probably color the comment box a different color xD

      ahh hmm, lets see..
      it seemed kind of similar to my mom's works, as she spends most of her time nowadays messing around with watercolors–i guess that's what it kinda seemed like to me, but either way it's amazing eep <3

    • thank u for many purchase

    • why would i sell you my seeds I'm using them

      you can buy my pot though thanks

    • prays to the lizard lords

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