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Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 3:34 pm

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tumblr_inline_o97qayMJg41qhsezp_500.giftumblr_inline_o97q4hSg6J1qhsezp_500.gif ◌ ⚝tumblr_inline_o97qb2dPWR1qhsezp_500.gif
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- T.E.A. Party Member and Founder-

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thanks mzza


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    • Hello! :) I just wanted to say that I've seen you around the forums and you're such a positive and nice person! It's really nice to see some positivity around here tbh and gosh I absolutely adore your art style ;u; the colors and the way you shape each paintie is just beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful night/day!

    • I know the feeling -- @ At the very least... lots of Hippos continue to come your way so hopefully it helps <3

    • Just let me know if it ever feels like too many Hippos :P

    • heh. watercolor is pretty great.

    • What art program do you use? Guessing it's SAI, but I could be wrong.

      I personally use FireAlpaca, not much of a good tool for base edits (or it could just be I suck at digital drawing), but it get's the coloring job done for the most part.

    • i love the watercolor/marker look to your drawings! I hope to one day learn to color with a brush like that!

    • Your paintie work is sooo beautiful! I really love them, and you have such a nice pretty cheerful page too!! Hope you have a great day!

    • *leans in also*

      ...it does... Cx

    • Aww T~T You've helped me so much though with my Pet quest and general encouragement <3 I feel its the least I could do :D

      Your painties are absolutely amazing though so if you'd really be up to doing one, I've actually had a slot opened for nearly a month now I've been wanting to use for another Animal Husbandry villager (and possible future Plush maker if that is a new career :P), but have had no ideas on species or what to go with beyond wanting to use my favorite colors (Pastel Pink/Pearl Pink, Ocean shades, and White)--if you feel like doing something creative for that with your choice of Villager, I'd love it T~T <3

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