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thanks mzza


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    • Honestly that sucks
      The minimum wait time seems like 4 days ??? From what i see if you cry about it a lot and are very vocal the mods will let your paintie pass.....Which is annoying tbh

    • Honestly i didnt even realise it was on a costume i thought this is a shifty??

      Idk i hope you get some help soon. I know the paintie mods dont help on-site anymore and will only listen through the "Contact us" app which take ages : 'D

    • I feel ya tbh. Shifties also kinda give the mods another excuse to be strict because "You can just put it on a shifty"
      Tho if you use even a bit of a costume on your paintie it will be rejected nonetheless :because its not close enough to the costume yet it uses costume parts so it cant be a shiftie : ))))))

    • from 1 to 10 how frustrated are you with the paintie restrictions ?

    • I've bred A LOT of pets. Like, uh, lost the count by now, and a lot of chirps. Sold/traded away most of them, so it would be no wonder one of them ended up being given away by someone else. And, it's okay, I was just confused and a little stressed out at first.

    • I am MOST definitely not the one who's been sending you anonymous messages. I am a fairy, but no one who'd pester someone.. Also, I've not fairy'd for days considering how busy with my work I am and I always send things that aren't from user's village. So, uh, I'm just gonna hide that comment on Clemensa as it kind of freaked me out. Like, what did I offer, uh?? _ @ Good luck finding whoever it is or just moving past the thing, sorry you had such an experience.

    • Afraid not :( Traded it earlier yesterday.

    • Your painties are awesome !!!

    • Dude i could spend HOURS looking at her work..we had so many books of hers when I was a kid! Now i need to read them again XD <3

    • I'd be more than happy to do something custom for you after I get a private one done? Someone got to me last night asking but ur definitely next if you want to be

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