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Username: DirtSaliva
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 3:34 pm

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tumblr_inline_o97qayMJg41qhsezp_500.giftumblr_inline_o97q4hSg6J1qhsezp_500.gif ◌ ⚝tumblr_inline_o97qb2dPWR1qhsezp_500.gif
tumblr_inline_o97pnpVDKB1qhsezp_500.giftumblr_inline_o97pmdTfol1qhsezp_500.giftumblr_inline_o97pmcEFUd1qhsezp_500.gif tumblr_inline_o97pmdTfol1qhsezp_500.gif tumblr_inline_o97pnpVDKB1qhsezp_500.gif
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thanks mzza


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    • ah lol, thank you a lot!!

    • That would be lovely! I don't need a male seal, however, so please keep it. Enjoy the new pancake. :)

    • i could trade for something too if you'd like!

    • haha, yeah it was at a normal price but someone showed interest in it (but had to wait for their offer to be breedable) and my inventory was too full at the time to take it out so I just priced it ridiculously while I waited...

    • ayyy friend congrats on the sorcerer witchy auction!

    • You're welcome ♡

    • I just wanted to say that this is an amazing CSS!

    • this is a reminder for me! or you ;)

    • Can I just say that literally every time I see your painties in the boards or around I just wanna draw? Because dang. Love your use of colors and balance. Thanks for bringing your art to Furvilla -- It really brightens the time I spend here. Cheers!

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