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User ID: #53816
Username: AriyaEretsee
Gender: Female
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 5:55 pm

Profile description

Why hello there! Welcome to my little slice of Furvilla.
Online I go by the name of Ariya Eretsee, but please, just call me Ariya ;3
My little villagers will most likely all be based on OC's of mine, and with the new shifty it looks like I got a looong road into spicing them up. HAH!

Ask me about painties
My art shop (Semi-closed)
Current avatar: Drawn by Chutkat on DA
CSS from here: Crovilla

Villagers 17

Comments 14

    • thank you so much for the FC!!!

    • So many of your villagers have detailed stories, I can see the attraction.

    • Ha ha, wow, you mean that was the very last one you needed? I feel flattered! Thank you!

    • Thank you for the purchase, but what will you do with another house? You have a full complement of villagers already?

    • I have a Phae'Shalee paintie now too! :D I actually submitted it before my fursona, it just must have taken longer.

    • *giggles* Well she looks FABULOUS! Now get you to.. work? Sleep? You crazy fox-y lady! XD

    • Hehe. Stalking is the new trend. ^^ Lots of fun too. =o

    • Hello Fox Lady! <3

    • HA! Oh my, yes Toru as a knightly warrior. I picture him more like the gritty mercenary.

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