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Username: ArtimisNight
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Last Online: 7 Sep 2018, 10:17 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:02 pm

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I'm not overly active on this site, but I do still check in on my villagers from time to time. My villagers are not for sale as I do have them as characters in various works and they are very close to my heart. Thank you for understanding.

©Bases to Furvilla
©Lumey species to Hatty
©Lupako species to BritishSarcasm
©Haikatt species to Prince-Faolan
©Teddy Bear Wickerbeast FeatherWolf
©CSS Layout to Pachoopi
Special Thanks to msjanny for coding assistance

Please note that all artists are appropriately credited on my villager pages. Artists are both linked and tagged. While the art is the property of these artists the bases belong to those listed above, and the characters are my creative property. While the character descriptions are not yet posted, each character was created or purchased with the intent to use them and so each will have detailed background stories.

The only other people with permission to post these characters are the artists who drew/painted them. Posting can only be done on their personal blogs/ art sites and credit for the character must be given to me when applicable. Just as I credit the artists for their works. The only exceptions to what I have stated, have been discussed with the artists.

The art purchased from these individuals will not be posted offsite without the proper permissions or links, as is proper etiquette.
Thanks for reading.

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Comments 48

    • Happy New Year!
      Heres hoping your year is bright and shiny!

    • sorry this is taking so long. I'm drowing in foxes and trying to get the gals that can still breed in my stables. @[email protected] so many.

    • wait, I meant dirty. I read that wrong sorry!

    • I'll use my own melting boy

    • Heeey! I have 250k now ;u; if we can trade for a sphinx pair?
      I work tomorrow but I will be on sometime after for a bit! <3

    • hey! only a sphinx pair please :3 <3 They're just babies to me, i love them haha.
      I hopefully should get some fd/furcash when i do more commissions!

    • I would looooove if you could!

    • Hot dang, so the price would be 250k?
      That's not even bad like
      If I were doing commissions I'd have that
      I was at over a million a few weeks ago, blew it on a few houses, etc
      Man housing is pricy o:

      I wish I had the cash!

    • How much do they usually go for?
      What limb would I need to sell for one? Haha

    • Oh gosh I'm so jealous! ;u; lucky you!!

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