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Username: ArtimisNight
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Last Online: 7 Sep 2018, 10:17 pm
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I'm not overly active on this site, but I do still check in on my villagers from time to time. My villagers are not for sale as I do have them as characters in various works and they are very close to my heart. Thank you for understanding.

©Bases to Furvilla
©Lumey species to Hatty
©Lupako species to BritishSarcasm
©Haikatt species to Prince-Faolan
©Teddy Bear Wickerbeast FeatherWolf
©CSS Layout to Pachoopi
Special Thanks to msjanny for coding assistance

Please note that all artists are appropriately credited on my villager pages. Artists are both linked and tagged. While the art is the property of these artists the bases belong to those listed above, and the characters are my creative property. While the character descriptions are not yet posted, each character was created or purchased with the intent to use them and so each will have detailed background stories.

The only other people with permission to post these characters are the artists who drew/painted them. Posting can only be done on their personal blogs/ art sites and credit for the character must be given to me when applicable. Just as I credit the artists for their works. The only exceptions to what I have stated, have been discussed with the artists.

The art purchased from these individuals will not be posted offsite without the proper permissions or links, as is proper etiquette.
Thanks for reading.

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    • I'm not sure what a spiny mouse is, haha. ;u;
      thats rad though!

      Too bad you don't have a sphinyx or I'd have to send you a million jillion furcash and snag one xD

    • Can I ask how you got the contributor trophy? How fancy!

    • Oh yeah, the orca manokit. Sorry bout that. BUT...check out Cornflake S. Pecially my herbalist. That is a water costume and it makes him look sorta like a lion fish.

    • I totally agree. My daughter just turned 24 and when she was a kid her electronic time was very limited. She was active, she was outside and DOING things all the time. She is still that way. She checks email and FB a few times a day but otherwise she is busy with life. I think she is better off for it. Two year olds that know how to make things happen on a smart phone scare me.

    • My kids are all grown but still there are people in the house to deal with. woo hoo. Hey! In a few months you will have more kids to deal with than I ever did and I don't envy you a bit. Teaching is HARD with the way parents and kids both behave these days.

    • I know! School is so stressful. Of course, I haven't been in years and years. lol But I will tell ya, being adult with two jobs and a family to deal with ain't any easier. Just a different type of stress I suppose. It all sucks. I say we should all just stop everything stressful and play games. ;-)

    • Do you want all things from OD or are you just saving the 4 things I see in your gallery? I have just been hoard selling em when my explorers find them so its no big deal for me to keep them for you.

    • Aww thanks! Actually why don't you send it to me on FR? I am quitting here as soon as I can find homes for all my villagers. Most are 5 digits and have costumes. My herbalist also has mastered all plants from all villages, is 5 digit and has costume. If you know anyone that may be interested in getting them in exchange for FR let me know. After all the villagers are gone I may be sending you any junk I still have left over from here. Do you need shark teeth, coral, ovceanic gems and scuba shoes? I get tons of em.

    • how ya doing today art? c:

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