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Username: MsLupinetti
Gender: Female
Last Online: 6 Dec 2021, 1:17 am
Registered: 13 Dec 2016, 2:50 pm

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Ek er úlfr! Ciao! Hello hello

I have a variety of interests including: Dogs, Wolves, Wrestling, Pokemon, Samurai Champloo, Spice & Wolf, Iron Blooded Orphans, Black Clover, HTTYD, Ya Boy Guzma, Vikings, Norse Mythology. I am somewhat a bit of a writer, so I would expect somewhat longish blocks of text. I apologize in advance because I understand that it takes effort to get through it all.

Currently working on a viking age historical romance, and you will notice that all my villagers have old norse names including their little pets! What can I say expect that it's become an obsession at this point. Really talk viking to me! Also I have a bunch of dogs, and chickens and cats. I am a giant fan of animals, and I could not imagine life without them. Talk animals to me. I'm not too sure where to continue however, so this will probably be a constant work in progress.


In a luscious valley within the province of Olde Foxbury sits a small isolated village known as Dýrdalir. With various villagers leading simple lives, and helping each other as a community through the changing seasons. Elska the unofficial gyðja, and in charge in the village's animals and livestock.. Djuir, Aria & Esja the happy to be local scourers. Bjorn & Kolfinna the valiant protectors. Nennir & Idunn the skilled wooden and metal workers. Fjolvarr the farmer who with grows the crops and herbs to sustain them. Freydis the creative crafter. Leiknir who has just what you need to heal what ails you. The welcoming bunch always willing to accept any new passersby looking to cease their vagabond ways! The village follows old customs, and find great support in the elder gods. From Odin and Frigga to Freyr and Freyja.


If your curiosity is piqued, then feel free to send a message or comment.


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    • OMG TYSM :)

    • nothing high in value smh what were you looking at on my acc

    • i only have 5kFC

    • sure how much for it

    • are your tropical and arctic leodon (magic) plushies UFT

    • Thank you for the Poodle trade! <3

    • Thank you for the candy!

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