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User ID: #85206
Username: Snekk
Gender: Transnake {He/Him}
Last Online: 11 Apr 2021, 11:32 pm
Registered: 15 Jan 2017, 6:48 pm

Profile description


This one is Snekk, and may be referred to as such.

Snekk is a being of twenty two years who lives among the bones as a shadow. One such as you would do themselves good to keep from the gates unless one knows their way around spirits and the like.
His fellow villagers tend to be tolerant of others, so do not hesitate TOO much to drop by.
Visit 180-12-th.pngEdgar if you have medicinal needs due to your journey.

If your needs are of a more 'transformational' nature, or simply a bit more specialized, you might want to pay a visit to 488-27-th.pngWræth. Though Snekk would not accept any food, if it offers you some; Wræth often gets its mixtures, well, mixed up when it cooks.

Snekk suggests you see 270-35-th.pngInccanir for culinary pursuits. We do not get many visitors, on account of the "haunted" appearance of our abode. Whether or not that is accurate is up to you to find out~


Art from Snekk is available at
ToyHou.se, as well as these three threads~


His contacts:

Discord: Moronic Intellectual#7026
DeviantArt {{This one uploads his FV commissions there}}
Twitter (18+): @EldritchCorvid (recent art gets posted here, too)
4dopt New petsite that anyone can contribute to!Join today!
Google Pay @ [email protected] or 3868984302
Dragon Cave eoc_button.gif
Flight Rising
Chicken Smoothie

This one lives with Swampkeeper , so please do not mistake him for a multiaccount cheater ^^"
Current Avatar by ShakedownDreams ~
Previous avatar 23546222_gEhho3rS6Q3KMob.png?1592342494 by Puck ~

Villagers 19

Comments 105

    • Snekk is attempting to assist with the Icy Sword apocalypse by taking them and disposing of them little by little ^^"

    • New favourite fairy: Cryptid Fairy

      What a great title to have ^^
      Snekk is almost envious.

    • precious beans are for protecting not eating.

    • Regardless, I have decided that you are my bean.

    • More teeth means more bite power

    • Snekk, you are a precious bean. I will bite those who say otherwise.

    • I don't get how anyone could hate bats (unless they have some sort of illness or something like rabies) like seriously look at this thing and tell me it isn't cute


    • Ooo, also, I wanna be reborn as a dragon as well! I hope we both do, end crossing paths and remembering each other from our past lives. Plus bats are so adorable!!❤

    • I love Pineapple pizza too! Do you eat your Pineapple pizza with ham and olives on it as well like I do? If not, you should give it a try since the ham can also be a bit sweet too but it's also salty (or savory) and olives to me (which are salty and savory) really just balance the whole pizza out. ;3 ❤

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