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Username: Jaquel
Gender: Male
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 4:20 pm

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My hometown is Quetzal Palace!

I'm extremely scatterbrained, so if I forgot to reply to you on forums / PM / comment feel free to bump PMs or ping me ; w ;

talking to strangers online was the best decision i ever made.
reality is lemons and the internet is lemonade.

Hi I'm Jaq.
5w4 / INTP / Ravenclaw / Chaotic Neutral / ♊

-My fursona is a salmon faverolle chicken.
-My persona is a harpy.
-I draw sometimes.
-I love any and all birds.
-Reptiles too, I love reptiles
-Natoru / Henry / Jacket
-Im actual fandom trash and trash in general, beware

Current goals / reminders for self.
-Need fox villager slot for Zico
-Need to finish Cayu paintie
-Need rabbit villager slot for Pitter

Non thread to do
-Florida fullbody
-Settle on a design for Vken
-Tiki paintie
-Hiccup ref
-Cinno doodles

costumes im missing:



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    • Hello!! I just wanted to see if you were still active c: you disappeared awhile ago, so I thought id knew directly!

    • I still love all your villagers so much I have to confess I check up on Xeil often and I hope he is getting used to the concept of glasses

    • wow what a cute profile! May I add you?

    • Hello friend! So many villagers!

    • I haz ur fd

    • Just wondered if you would be interested in this, if not sorry for bothering

    • aaa thank you so much! I love your profile and especially love your harpy persona! >u<

    • I don't roam my chickens for pretty much that exact reason! I just have a gigantic run (it is 24ftx22ft, with an 8ftx10ft coop attached) and do my best to give them all the enrichment they would find for themselves manually. It is more labor for the keeper but safer for the chicken and they're not really at a loss. My inside serama boy is the sweetest rooster imaginable? It is a shame he only wants to breed with socks and not hens bc god damn he's also handsome as hell

    • Oh no oh my god D: I am so sorry about your flock! That is terrible! We had our first predator losses this year, it was.. not a fun time. Do you plan to have a rooster? Salmon faverolle roosters are my favorites - don't let my seramas or my big naked neck hear I said that though LOL

    • I just made a thread in the forums for talking about chickens if you want to actually do that LMAO

      BUT FOR REAL THO salmon faverolles are at the top of my breeds-I-want list but I don't really have the space right now with my scaleless project. Once I can build a second coop, it will probably be an all faverolles flock. They're so sweet and poofy and dumpy and aaaAAAAA

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