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User ID: #891
Username: Nova
Gender: Female
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:03 pm

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Welcome to Nova Village

a cat-centric community
(I frequently browse on mobile, so I may not respond to some messages or pings during that time. No worries - I'll get back to you as soon as I'm at my desktop!)
catloaves created by atheris!

⋆★⋆ Nova's Menagerie - PREMADE PAINTIES! ⋆★⋆

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    • Lotsa kitties,,, Very loafly <3

    • Omi god, cat loafer alert!


    • i hope you come back ;-;, i wanted to buy a DAD Kitten, but i guess im too late :P

    • I do hope you come back,,,, i really wanted to buy that brown DAD kitten you had up ;m;

    • Nova

      When will you come back? Can I buy one of your DAD kitten premades? I've been waiting for your return but... I don't see anything.

      :"( It was one of my dream specie wishlisted painties. To get a DAD Kitten.

    • So many cats... Every day is Felidae for you :D

      (I apologize for the pun. Maybe.)

    • you do realise all other siamese flitten males are cheaper than yours right

    • Hope you don't mind me adding you. I ordered in your shop finally like I said I would one day! XD

    • A friend sent it to me a while ago!! If you want to use it, I can DM you the link!!

    • i love your cats :3c

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