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Username: Ri
Gender: Maverique
Last Online: 21 Apr 2021, 1:25 pm
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    • Thank you so much for your purchase! <3

    • Thank you for your purchase I hope you can get more use out of it than I did

    • Thank you for your purchase! Have a nice day! (again! x3)

    • Ohhh no omg i listed the tokens for 2 fc and not 2 fd x__x

    • Thank you for your purchase! Have a nice day!

    • Thanks for the purchases <3

    • I hope it's okay to reply to you here? I don't want to be seen as derailing the thread, but I also don't wanna be rude to you by not replying either aaa.

      You brought up very good points! I never really thought about the transgender label that way before... and it makes a lot of sense. Kind of wondering why I hadn't thought of that aspect before when discussing the differences of the both terms, haha.

      As for language... you're, disappointingly enough, right there too. For example, the name of an organisation for disabled people being popularised as a slur, forcing said organisation to rename and rebrand is a great example of this in work. Oh and words losing meaning? Ohhh, I know all too well of this, being the YouTube fanatic I am... xD Language is hard to control, and it can often come at the expense of others and their progress, but if you try to control language it can be seen as an act of free speech violation. It's a highly confusing situation.

      Wow... I hadn't known how far back the usage of 'they' in its singular form went, holy crap. :o Thank you for informing me! I'm a bad English student oops.

      I usually get frustrated and give up right away and have never really analysed or thought deeply when a memory is hard to find, since I just thought it was useless and only gonna make me get a headache or somethin'. I often remember things easier when I follow a detailed, linear path of memories but always just chalked that up to me being in a clear headspace at the time (usually happens when I'm drawing or lying in bed before sleep), so I guess I never really thought much of it. I'll try harder next time, and thank you so very much for telling me!

    • Thank you for having ordered from my shop. ^ w^

    • Thanks for the purchase^^

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