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User ID: #92168
Username: Salicos
Gender: Non-Binary
Last Online: 7 Jul 2018, 3:37 pm
Registered: 18 Apr 2017, 5:23 pm

Profile description

✮ Sal ✮ They/Them ✮ 18 ✮ Canada ✮


✮ Add me as a friend! ✮
✮ EST - 1hr ahead of FV ✮

Current Wishlist:
✮ Wood
✮ Hp potion
✮ Fd
✮ Fc (In desperate need)
✮ Weapons for my warrior
✮ Seeds from other villages (10+)
✮ Herbalist pots

Pronouns I'm testing out (Click the links to see how to use them!) :

✮ Sweetheart/sweetie
✮ A girl
✮ "Just a tomboy"

I have really bad anxiety + depression. Some things I'd rather you not mention around me and/or warn me before talking about:
✮Unreality (stuff saying, “you’re dead/in a dream, etc.)
✮Body image
✮Invalidation of NB gender
✮Invalidation of mental illness
✮Loud noises
✮Abuse/emotional abuse/graphic animal abuse
✮Detailed descriptions of animal death (i.e, “my pet died” is fine but “___ happened to my pet and it died” is not)
✮Breakup mentions/mentions of argument with S.O.

Villagers 14

Comments 14

    • *smiles and waves back* how are you?

    • So I'm gonna say hoi. Hoi :3

    • Thanks! .w.

    • Thanks so very much for the fluffy cutie

    • That ought to make your raffle far more enticing ;3

    • Thank you so much! I know on my Furvilla profile it says male, but tbh I'm still figuring out what I am and that's mostly there until I understand. Until then Imma be searching for a while :/

    • How did you find those pronouns if you dom't mind my asking?

    • also, I adore ur profile icon too. I'm a total sucker for extra eyes OvO

    • no ron
      I dont want sum fuk

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