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User ID: #95371
Username: Grechtinjuarez
Gender: Female
Last Online: 29 Jul 2021, 4:51 pm
Registered: 7 Jun 2017, 6:37 am

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Need anything from TEP? Message me and i'll get it for you! I'll sell it to you for the same price that it costs me to get it, or i'll trade it for items from your village!


Get a blessed lion warrior costume for Oliver []
Get a gembound [X] Achieved 3/1/21
Get first place in fur idol with a shifty []
Master pumpkin seeds [0/10]
Master black rose seeds [1/10]
Win an official contest []

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    • Lol i just bad with long names i always call you Grech in my head but ifgured i should ask XD
      Thanks for the trade ♡

    • Grech (is it ok if i call you that) i am interested in the Draggy you wanna do a trade? Or would you want me to see i got to buysss it (probably dont have the cashs to buys it... trying to save up for a magic toy and i keep seeing stuff and buying it XD)

    • okay then if you have an lv 20 warrior then what's his equipment set up? I could show you mine if it helps too

    • what level is your warrior?
      and like I said my warrior's battle outcome is complete rng rn because of the spells the harbinger casts and when and how I use my stuff

    • Oh! Yes, yes I did, haha, sorry about that, I read over them a few times, I only started to fiddle with it before I decided to take a chill for the rest of the night, probably out of frustration tbh, haha. :'^)
      I'll definitely try and get back to you soon, hopefully before we go out fishing. <:)

      Thanks again, aaahhh-

    • Ya i was considering trying that.... but you need to work it right may be easier with needles XD
      I was considering making one to replace the string that missing from the hood in my hoodie .
      So many exciting things i can try now that i have figured it out XD

    • Yeeeeeeee thats grosssss bugs qWq......
      Figured i would talk here instead of clogging the current thoughts thread
      Oof well at my dump they kinda try and make it hard but we work around that, we used to have a small building gently used items went to but i guess funds got cut. I live on a farm ten minutes from a pretty small down so the dump there just has a fence around it with a walk through opening. Makes it harder to get stuff but you still can they do watch when they have the drive.through gate open.
      Ooof ya it can be cheaper but the thrift stores in my area tend to price gouge... like trying to sell stuff for MORE then the original price.. (their motto is they wanna have it at half the original price...they get it free so i find this kinda no...) its very luck based to get cheap electronics at a thrift store in my area (aaah i recall another lucky find i got animal crossing City folk for 50 cents) also I myself donut got the brains to fix electronics... i am good at taking stuff apart XD

      As for the knitting loom i did figure out how to get it to work with only 3 (makes me wish i had kept the one i tried before... i couldnt figure it out back then) i donut think i will add a nail seems to work ok like this
      Not sure what i will do with all the icord that i am making XD

    • Aw, thank you so much for the teeth, if you need anything let me know ^u^

    • Aweesome thank you!!
      (I am trying to get missing buttons i am a weird collector of sorts?)
      Would you like anything in return? Anything from my village?

    • Please feel free to something in my stall or armory for helping me make crystals

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