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User ID: #95371
Username: Grechtinjuarez
Gender: Female
Last Online: 29 Mar 2023, 10:19 pm
Registered: 7 Jun 2017, 6:37 am

Profile description

Art of Two
Chocolate candycorn to put in my gallery
The following items:

Get a blessed lion warrior costume for Oliver []
Get a gembound [X] Achieved 3/1/21
Get first place in fur idol with a shifty []
Master pumpkin seeds [0/10]
Master black rose seeds [1/10]
Kill the harbinger [X] Achieved 11/22/21
Get cat from harbinger []
Place in an official contest [2nd place in a writing contest achieved 11/6/21]
Get first place in an official paintie contest []
Get first place in an official vista contest []
Get first place in an official writing contest []
Get first place in an official art contest []

Villagers 25

Comments 57

    • Hi I posted in the forum but I think you didnt see it, I finished the one of Two and uploaded it to toyhouse and I tried to do Meringue but I couldn't make it look not weird so I didn't finish or upload it and you only have to pay for Two which I think was 20FD

    • thank you for the crown1

    • You did good, pinging me is correct! (for the vista contest)

    • Sorry for the wait on getting that trade logged, Grechtin! I'll have time to do it today :3

    • thank you for the potion!!

    • Also forgot to list- I have owl feathers too, around four in my stall, if that's also of your interest.

    • Hey!! I saw your post on the harbinger build thread, do you mind listing what you use in that build? Asides from the kitsune stuff, crystaline prism greatsword, and lion form ring
      Do you also know any replacement for the kitsune mat looking item, too?
      Heads up too; I have black rose seeds and a blessed lion warrior outfit! Seeing your profile you need these items, so im just here to see if you want to trade for them!

    • sorry for all of the comments but is there a limit amount of freebies i can get?

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