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Villager: Velouria


Villager Info

ID: #136543

Name: Velouria

Gender: Female

Location: Tigereye Peak

Born 4 years, 10 months ago

Career: Animal Husbandry

Owner: Squirrel

Species: Cat

Color: Calico

Costume: Fairy


House: Olde Foxbury House (1/250)

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Velouria's very special treasure!


Minipet Wishlist
459-icy-ferret.png 455-blue-doge.png 463-night-hare.png 1561-rainbow-pika.png 375-free-fairy.png
Icy Ferret // Blue Doge // Night Hare // Rainbow Pika // Free Fairy
3096-nova-kitsoul.png387-koi-kirin.png 403-candycorn-bat.png 415-webbed-owly.png 411-smiling-kritty.png
Nova Kitsoul // Koi Kirin // Candycorn Bat // Webbed Owly // Smiling Kritty
406-skeleton-catbat.png 407-autumn-catbat.png 435-sorcerer-witchy.png 725-fluffy-chihuahua.png 636-foxfire-kitsune.png
Skeleton Catbat // Autumn Catbat // Sorcerer Witchy // Fluffy Chihuahua // Foxfire Kitsune
1454-decorated-snowfox.png 1662-rainbow-cloud-fennec.png 1670-rainbow-cloud-wolf.png 2235-rainbow-pet-rock.png
Decorated Snowfox // Rainbow Cloud Fennec // Rainbow Cloud Wolf // Rainbow Pet Rock
2307-draft-draorse.png 2859-flora-felilidae.png 2962-bell-baby-fuzzy-mini-moo.png 3020-siamese-kitterpillar.png
Draft Draorse // Flora Felilidae // Bell Baby Fuzzy Mini Moo // Siamese Kitterpillar
2293-watermelon-deluxe-sharkcicle.png 2486-chili-wiener-pup.png 2714-strawberry-pancake-of-the-sea.png 2958-dessert-crocotaco.png
Watermelon Deluxe Sharkcicle // Chili Wiener Pup // Strawberry Pancake of the Sea // Dessert CrocoTaco

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