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Villager: Rhyme



Villager Info

ID: #35165

Name: Rhyme

Gender: Male

Location: Olde Foxbury

Born 5 years, 6 months ago

Career: Herbalist

Owner: Necroam

Feast Points: 0 (3 All-Time)

Species: Canine

Color: Black

Costume: Mythic


House: FurCoin House

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Approved: 14 Sep 2020, 2:22 pm

Likes: 34 ♥

Tags: body horror herbalist creepy trypophobia trigger warning leeches vent sona nope

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Rhyme looks stunning!

Rhyme's very special treasures!


Male | Wolf Shifter | Pact Maker | Gemini
Check Rhyme's Experiment!

"Oh look! Fresh meat-I mean a visitor. Yes. A Visitor.. "
"Oh these? They're medicinal leeches. Very beautiful aren't they...?"
"As much as I enjoy seeing you standing there, I'm sure my leeches would love to have a taste of you...."
"Touchie. However, if you're considering telling the mayor about what I'm doing in a place like this, then I'd rather you not... or there may indeed be consequences...

General Info
A rather strange fellow.
With a passion for things like parasites, bugs and plants, this strange creature has devoted their life to the science behind them and how they can 'help' other villagers just like himself.

Often goes with the title of a Plague Doctor in a literal sense.
It is said that he'll sacrifice even himself in order to keeps his so called children alive.

Would you just look at what they have done...
Some say those parasites live inside him.


What is Rhyme more likely to talk about/mention?
When replying to you, Rhyme will often ask things related to blood and flesh. His priority in all topics will always include his 'children' (leeches) so keep that in mind if he keeps repeating info about them like a proud parent!

When asking Rhyme about his origin/species, he'll either try to confuse you or be clueless.

Try asking him what he is doing this exact second! He might try to pull you into his plans.

Note: Rhyme's ideas include gore and he can often be descriptive on the matter so if you aren't okay with that then please let me know by saying "worm" in your reply as a safeword!

Paintie made by Necroam
Rhyme / Character © Necroam
Any Art on this box was made by myself


Comments 17

    • "Well, well, well, who have we here?" A horse with a yellow streaked mane stalks into view. The streaks turn blue, and a slightly deeper voice growls, "A friend? A foe?" The streaks fade back into yellow, and the first voice shushes the deeper one. "Greetings, I am Glacier."

    • Uh.. H..hello! Uh.. I..I..heard that y..you were a herbalist?

    • "You amuse me," Nuclear snorted. She sat, heads glowering at him. The middle one seemed to have a smirk.

    • oops sorry you seemed to be in need of affection through boops *smol Smile*

    • Akasuki bowed respectfully "Greetings." She said. Her purple gaze flicked around the wolf, analyzing it. "May I ask, what is your name?"

    • (This is kinda random, but do you wanna be on the Aercid pinglist? You'll be pinged at lore updates, premades, and important notices about the species)
      "That seems like a little much. How about a finger?"

    • (Lol forgot Morphie was my active there)

    • Igneous paused for a moment and put her scythe down slightly.
      "What exactly would I be doing?" She seemed less threatened.

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