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Welcome to Soupvilla!

Posted by Owner-Quinn on 1 Apr 2019, 12:06 am



"Hello! In case you can't tell, I'm a bowl of soup! Welcome to Soupvilla!

My friends are eager to meet you. Why not join us in the battlegrounds for some fun, and we'll give you all sorts of soup things. If you find a magical soup sticker, you can use it to become a soup too. We will stick around for two weeks or so, and maybe next year we can bring even more friends along!

Don't forget to go exploring!

Okay, I gotta go back to doing soup things. Seeya' in the battleground!"


Heya, Quinn here! It's the first day of April!

Wow, so much to say and not that much space! I'll get to the main points.

There's a soup themed theme, available now in your user settings. Check it out if you want to fully decorate your screen in soups.

There are two soup-themed battlegrounds, an easy level and a middle one. Below is a sample of the prizes you can get. Try the harder battleground for a chance at the rarest stuff!

You may also find some of these things while exploring. Maybe you'll even find a new pet.

This is what happens if you use a Magical Soup Sticker...

Yes, you got that right. Your villager will become soup!

Soup can even wear costumes, and your villager can become a steamy soup critter if they put one on. Specifically, the Aquatic, Beast, Angelic, Mythic, and Warrior costumes.

Keep in mind that unlike standard villagers made by Kiwiggle, these villagers, including the soup itself, are not to be used as bases for painties. Paint doesn't stick well to soup, you know.

We have our latest guest artist, Mary Mouse, to thank for these soup beasties! You may also recognize her artwork from the Certified Furvilla Fan badges!

Check out her Twitter here: Mary Mouse's Twitter

And like the chicken soup said, welcome to Soupvilla!

- Hiker Quinn -

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    • WitchyBrook The battleground levels are the level your warrior has to be to enter them, not the level of the opponents in it

    • Just curious why the higher soup level is listed as 5+ when the weakest enemy there is level 15.

    • soup says it's a weapon, but doesn't show up when I try to equip it to my villager? Does it have to expire as food first?

    • Oof i am stupid... how do i get a soup qaucker... i want one ooof

    • How long is this going to last till? I looked, but, could not find the end date :(

    • Was doin' fine till I got creamed... by Soup!... Or ya could say I was served... by Soup!... Guess I just wasn't prepared fer it's finishin' move... The Souplex! *facepaws* Ok I'll quit punishin' y'all fer this... :P

    • I think I'm with Jashin325 on not getting why the full size version of the soup item art that isn't the costume villager art that Marymouse designed can't be used when before it was allowed as painties.

    • I just got 2-shot-ed by soup. not even the characters. Just soup. XD

    • Wow. I Sure Love Soup. Haha. Soup, Am I right? Ha Ha

    • so glad the site's so full of soup! i was really starting to miss it!!!