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Downtime Complete, Tourney Expansion!

Posted by Owner-Quinn on 8 May 2020, 11:32 pm


Heya Furriends! Pleased to announce that downtime is complete!

New Career Achievements

Firstly, more new career achievements are here!

Your Blacksmiths, Tailors and Crafters can now earn trophies corresponding to their skill levels.


Skill Matters

Blacksmiths, Construction Workers, Alchemists, Cooks, Tailors, and Crafters should now all display skill levels on their career pages.

Blacksmiths, Tailors and Crafters are capable of crafting equipment, and we have made adjustments so your skill level at those careers will effect crafted equipment. Every time they earn a trophy, your villager will have an increased chance to produce equipment of better potency, as well as increased chances for sockets!

A New Tourney Format

The new Standard Tourney format is now live and available for beta testing. You will simply need to have a warrior registered in the Tourney to participate, if not already.

The Standard Tourney Page

Equipment used in the Standard Tourney will automatically be scaled up or down to 100%. At this time, no equipment is banned, however, we anticipate some very powerful equipment will be added to a ban list. We are asking for your input and help determining this!

Admin-Wisteria will be leading this discussion. To participate in feedback, please use this dedicated feedback thread:

Equipment Ban List Suggestions

Ultimately, the goal is to create a more level playing field for Player vs Player, and we hope this will put more emphasis on build creativity and lead to a more diverse playing environment.

This beta testing round will go until the end of May. Everyone who completes at least 10 battles in the Standard Tourney during this beta testing will be awarded a special Kitsune Trophy for their help!


Going forward, the Standard Tourney will give villager trophy rewards based on participation.

The Tourney Free-For-All

For the mightiest of warriors in Furvilla, the original Tourney is still available. It is now renamed Free-For-All, and has no limitations or equipment bans. It has its own rankings and leader-board, so you can continue to flex your power for all to behold!

The Free-for-All Tourney Page

However, there will no longer be a Valor Points prize at the end of each Free-for-All Tourney, with the current Tourney being the last to give such a prize.

The duration of the current Free-for-All Tourney will also be extended to the end of May for testing purposes. Come June, both Tourneys will return to the twice-a-month format.

More Tourney Info

Registering for either Tourney page will automatically register you for both Tourneys.

To encourage warriors to participate in duels more often, we have increased VP earned from PvP duels in both Tourneys. In the Standard Duel, you will earn 10 points for a loss and 50 points for a win. In the Free-for-All, you will earn 10 points for a loss and 30 points for a win. Between the two, the VP cap has been increased to 10,000 from 5,000.

Your registered warrior will continue to earn VP from monster (PvE) battles at a rate of 5 VP per win, with a cap of 10,000 points.

Finally, to celebrate village pride, we will be keeping track of village statistics for each Tourney, with the village with the highest winning percentage declared the Champion at the end.

There is no associated prize, but we are sure your mayors would be very proud if you fight hard for your village! Even Chief Clawtooth has sent his warriors to participate. You may not battle his lion warriors directly, but statistics show they win about half of the time. They'll be a good benchmark for your village to strive to beat!

Tourney Shop Update!

We are currently working on adding some new items to the Tourney shop. Keep an eye out for it's grand re-opening shortly. We will post a changelog when it opens up again.

You may also notice some items which used duplicate art with another item on site received a refresh. This is an ongoing project and eventually all items on site will have unique art.

Olde Foxbury Festival

We anticipate the Olde Foxbury Festival to happen sometime in June. The Tourney will once again play a key part in the event, and we expect to be finished with beta testing on the new format by the festival's start.

As with last year, themed craftables are planned, as well as a special explore event.

We also have another new feature coming for the festival that we think will be a lot of fun. More details on this addition will be coming soon.

Thank you so much!

-Hiker Quinn

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    • Is there a level min currently or is something up? I've been waiting for a battle for over an hour with no luck. I've finally been able to play and I'm trying to get the trophy before the month ends.

    • Would there be a way to see how many players are in combat? or waiting in the queue?
      Similar to the online counter, because sometimes it takes a long while to find someone which would be understandable if there is only 1 warrior on queue

    • Finally the tourneys actually fun!! Don't get me wrong when it first came out I was hyped but it was very unbalanced, this new system is significantly better, coupled with the merging of battlegrounds :DD Thanks for this guys!!

    • Where could we submit a suggestion to not reset the stats and status after the duel is over?
      I can read the stats of both players since the beginning but it always change due to effects from the equipment, sure there is the log but still you can't possible know what made that outcome after the battle is over and everything resets

    • I don't know what to feel about the shop... Like, getting rare drops was my only source of FC; but having them on hand is nice too. I have a conflict of feelings.
      Yay for trophy tho.

    • Alewolf Nothing is banned yet! The forum thread linked in this news post will be the place where Admin-Wisteria will be taking feedback on potential bans, If/when an equipment is banned it will show on the equipment before you go into battle and will display a message, so you won't be caught off guard.

    • I do got a question what items are banned or not? it don't say which ones are banned or not and I dont want to use one that's banned.

    • WOOO!!! More trophies!!! Called it! :D