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User ID: #128735
Username: Illyasviel
Gender: Intersex Woman
Registered: 11 Mar 2019, 2:43 am

Profile description

"I couldn't become who I was supposed to be, so who does that make me now?"

Profession: Concept Artist, Illustrator
Languages: Japanese, Spanish, English, etc.
Hobbies: Dragons, video games, visual arts
About me: British-Japanese intersex woman, asexual/aromantic and married (QPR), polyamorous, disabled.

I'm not a furry, but y'all are pretty chill, not gonna lie

Thank you to all the people that have been liking my painties. I hope that I can bring more art to this site that people can enjoy.

Please do not ask to use my base edits.

On indefinite hiatus until my PTSD is deemed manageable.

buttons, logo animations, trophy scrollbar credit noll
other code credit alxq and snowflakeartist

[size=5]v Hover over the villagers box to expand the list v

Villagers 28

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    • Sorry, another player sent a trade first!

    • Got the May Pole Ribbon Noodle from another user, so I´ll have to cancel the trade. Sorry about that!

    • Thank you! And its no problem, really, I don't play this game anymore.

    • Thank you for your purchase and your profile theme is lovely

    • I love your username!

    • blep!!!

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