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User ID: #1540
Username: Emoteenfurry
Gender: Two-Spirit
Last Online: 27 Jan 2020, 12:26 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:09 pm

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“Your existence is not impossible. But it’s also not very likely.”


"Fear is Consciousness Plus Life

Regret is an attempt to avoid what has already happened

And toast is bread held under direct heat until crisp"

Name: Jasper
Age: 19
Gender/Pronouns: He/Him/His
Main sona species: Fox/Wolf crossbreed
Secondary Sona species: DaD
Game: Fallout4
Book: Where the red fern grows
Show: Steven Universe
Youtuber: Jacksfilms
Song: Blue from the Heathers
Movie: Anything Marvel or Disney or Pixar

Main OC



His name is moku. The ref sheet is by me, and the second piece is by someone here on FV

~CSS Made By snowflakeartist~


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    • thanks n_n

    • You are very welcome ^u^

    • I uhh saw an old comment from you somewhere and uhh
      I think it's cool you like Heathers?
      Sorry I'm just really awkward haha feel free to block me :')

    • You like Night Vale, too? :O Always glad to see another fan!

    • Omgosh thank you so much for liking my art!! (Your charas are super cute btw it was so much fun to draw them!)

    • Thank you for the lantern!

    • a tv show they say is for kids but it's got a fair share of tragic & dark moments
      it has good character development and story, go watch it

    • Would you ever sell/trade Kzith? (if I asked before, I'm sorry!)

    • what_u_see_by_kifuu-dboaz9s.png
      in case you didn't see it
      just remember, sometimes people are just taking a long time, and not skipping you. ;)

    • thank you for the moth potion!! that was really kind of you ^^

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