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Username: shotgun
Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 5:39 am

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Francis / 17 / Croatian

Hello ! I'm Francis. I'm a 17 y/o guy from Croatia. I'm not really active on this site, but I'm trying to turn that around !

I dont really care about pronouns, so anything goes expect they/them :)

I love to play video games, especially League of Legends (shibescouts and laktozni otac on eune) and Overwatch (pug#21743), so feel free to add me ! Just a heads up, I'm really bad at lol and decent at ow. x)
I also love to draw ! So feel free to ask for art trades. :)

I apologise for my bad English, Im not a native speaker so I hope you understand. D:

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    • did you used to be named totar?

    • Oh ok sorry, i was confused because you didnt reply to my question on there. Is 300k enough?

    • atilla Yeah, Im still holding your slot.

    • uh, i saw you locked the headshot thread, was my slot still on hold or no?

    • Heyyy! Because I'm terrible at planning things out, I never saved the art that I commissioned. The one of the silver cat with the pride bandanna? If you could possibly post the link to the stash on my profile with the regular and resized pieces, and would be super grateful and willing to pay you for the trouble! ^^'

      I saw the thread was locked, so I'm just going to say here that I love the art and am sending payment over now! Very sorry for the wait. ^^'

    • I was messing around and finding stuff to draw and somehow I made this?? Don't worry this is just me playing around with art styles don't worry :P

    • Manitka Haha, it's no problem ! :)
      And yee ! I can't wait for more cow/bovine plushies, I love the Milk Maid one ! :D

    • Thank you x3

      I'm going to amass an army of cow Plushes >:3

    • Thank you so much for the house, but RadioactiveAcid already gave me one.
      So nice of you, though!

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