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Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:00 pm

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"all the fish in the sea, but she was my mermaid" ♡
Joined 01.01.2016 • Beta Tester • College Student
Hello person and welcome to my little virtual home ♡ i'm guessing you've stopped by to see what i'm all about so i'll tell you... i'm a hopeless romantic, to me life is empty and meaningless without love and romance. i'm currently in college studying biology to become a vet within my near future. so i'f take awhile to reply that is the reason why. i love nature, animals, video games, anime, food, role-playing, and traveling. I also enjoy meeting other furries so don't hesitate if you'd like to chat ♡
CSS wip by Love

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    • I LOVE IT HONESTLY. I think the same exact thing lol

    • Oh my gosh, thanks so much for the Eggplant Appetizer ;v; Honestly, when I talk to you, it makes my day! <33

    • Seeing the Prince plushie on ur wishlist makes me so happy aaaa

    • Yeah no problem! :D thanks again for the chill friend, my fluffy dutch ad Raoul loves it ♡
      And thank you again for the support, you're already one of the nicest people I've ever talked to on Furvilla ♡

    • Oh no! I'm so sorry XD Let me send one more <3 I just have too many items and it's nice to make people happy ;v;

      (I have to compliment the stunning Maoki as well because I missed them last time, what a beauty <3)

    • Aww thank you so much too for the chill friend! I didn't manage to get any of the rocks other than the moustached one :') Aaaa and thank you for the support, you're so sweet <3 <3

    • You have such beautiful painties ;; I love Baby <3

    • Nice, pretty, and well-made css! One question tho. Where are your jack-o-lanterns? I wanna SMASH!!

    • WOW your css is beautiful!!!!!

    • How long did it take to code this CSS it's GORGEOUS!!!

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