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Username: Python
Gender: Attack helicopter
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 10:37 am


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+7h FV time(Germany) || 17 || Libra || INTP || Neutral Evil

I do art, play guitar and have an interest in programming.

iI'm not amassing an army to crush Olde Foxbury what are you even talking about

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    • wait but why would they be upset?? Is it a monopolization of the market at that time...?

    • Okay but I'm curious. Why will you get "torn to pieces" if you help people understand how to beat Deadly Monsters? This community has been pretty kind and helpful in about every other career. What's different about warriors, exactly? I'm just very confused ^^;

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    • holy shit they edited the miltank out. i am shook

    • Thanks for the fight~!


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