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Username: Python
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 10:37 am

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21 y/o cs student
Possibly adhd
handle with care, please

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    • Thank you for your GT donation! I'm terrible at earning money on this site, so it will go to good use! Have a great day! Thank you!

    • **Buckler not battlemoo had a brain goof then lmao

    • No problem, you had exactly the right amount I needed to make a Qurious Blade :DD Next thing on my list is an Amethystine Battlemoo but it might take some time to save up some more for that lol ^^;;

    • wait but why would they be upset?? Is it a monopolization of the market at that time...?

    • Okay but I'm curious. Why will you get "torn to pieces" if you help people understand how to beat Deadly Monsters? This community has been pretty kind and helpful in about every other career. What's different about warriors, exactly? I'm just very confused ^^;

    • I love your CSS

    • holy shit they edited the miltank out. i am shook

    • Thanks for the fight~!

    • Thank you for the Giving Tree drops :D


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