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User ID: #37622
Username: CrunchyLatte
Gender: Genderfluid
Last Online: 17 Jan 2020, 9:18 pm
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 3:18 pm

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Libra ✦ Any pronouns ✦ Likes hugs and naps

Hey all, I'm CrunchyLatte, but just call me "Latte" for short.
I'm really friendly and
love talking to people, so
please send me friend
requests and PM's!
Even if we've never spoken before.

You'll find me on forum games
a lot, along with some other
off topic discussions. I speak my
opinion a lot, but never rudely,
and I respect anyone else's opinions too!

I'm very into animal husbandry
and often have extra pets.
If you want any, feel free to ask for them!

My main interests are almost all based
around Nintendo! I love Pokemon,
PMD, Smash, MOTHER, Animal
Crossing, and Kirby! I also play a lot of
Stardew Valley. If you ever wanna play
something together, PM!

Thank you for reading, friends!

CaffeMocha is my Juliet


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    • Thank you so much! Happy Holidays! ^_^

    • Yeep! Im always looking for friends, and dispite my past on this site I try to be as nice as I can!

    • Thank you for the gift!!

    • It's still broken qwq Currently I am making pixels with my mouse while I get a new tablet <3

    • That's a nice username. XD

    • You're welcome, I'm really glad you like it! Latte really is such a cute character, I love her colours so much! Plus, who doesn't like red pandas?


    • yeah anytime, just clearing everything out

    • Thank you so much for the Hoyalty Seeds! <3

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