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Last Online: 7 Jul 2020, 7:58 pm
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i'm jess & i'm on semi-hiatus!
she/her | FV time | links

the chickens are married to the moon.
my links page is really fun! go check it out!

i honestly don't have the spoons to respond to messages im sorry

art by jakdacrowe

Villagers 31

Comments 707

    • Hmm, I really love you villager Chicken, their colors are very appealing to me. Chicken is also a good example of well-fitting colors, with their red and yellow. Oh, and last but not least, I cannot forget Chicken, of whom is clearly the best of them all.

    • Thank you for the currency!

    • Imoku
      thank you for this!! very good.

    • Hallo chicken momther
      Sorry if you already know but I found out today that the Earth's continents form a chicken and this is valuable knowledge that I wanted to share with you. :o

    • Thank you so much for the fc!!

    • Oh, I'll give a free bump! I totally didn't even think of it, sorry <3

    • StrayChowChow
      No problem! I'd appreciate if you bumped the thread next time so others can benefit similarly, but it's not a particularly big deal, as I can bump it myself.

    • Thank you so much, your insta crafts help me out immensely ;w;

    • Lol thanks, hopefully for good this time!

    • It's no problem! I just wanted to make sure you got your payment lol

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