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Username: Bluheart
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Registered: 9 Dec 2016, 6:05 pm


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ノ( º _ ºノ)

If you need anything, just ask. I don't bite.

Life is a gas. Lite it on fire!

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    • Ah same, even some of the smallest little grammar spelling mistakes makes me kinda die inside lol and Np! I personally love reading and writing so seeing people do that kind of thing to make things make sense makes me happy uwu

    • Hello I'm just here to say thank you for having some respect towards grammar/the English language and the idea that run-on sentences are just annoying and not valid, truly an intellectual

    • hello, please read the rules carefully! only 5 items are allowed to be donated for extra tickets (so you can cancel one of your transfers) and PLEASE remember that i dont allow edited posts! you can repost with the same forms you filled in into one post and regift the person above you to be put into the raffles, but you need to edit your previous post with 'skip me' as well!

    • Thank /you/ for adopting him!

    • Thank you for buying a danderlion from me <3

    • And thanks for the purchase.

    • Would you trade the Sugar Sparkle Crested Pup in your stall for the Poison Dart Bull Frog in mine?

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