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Username: Admin-Wisteria
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Last Online: 14 Dec 2018, 10:39 pm
Registered: 15 Feb 2017, 10:33 pm

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Hey all!

Here & Happy to help! I mostly deal with reports, but feel free to contact me with any concerns/queries and I'll help as best I can!


Big thanks to Ammoth for the art!

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Thanks to Mat for this!

-from cari <3

Villagers 4

Comments 62

    • Do you have any current plans to implement new villager requires or villager species?

    • Theoretically if I were to commission a villager recolor would the price include magic plushie art or is that separate?

    • You tell that coward Arnoth to get his hooves back over here.

    • Thank you for the dedication, patience, and time you put into this site. <3

    • ((you are as lovely as the blooms of a wisteria, one of my favorite plants))

    • Your fursona/oc is heckn' beautiful!

    • for a long time I thought your profile picture was a fox with grapes on it's head

    • Going to post here so not to further derail the topic. One area I feel is really underutilized is actual villager art. I mean each month all we get in way of new content is pets, which are a limited market since there is nothing to do with them. I would argue that Kwiggle's art is the main reason FV took off the way it did originally, but we barely see any of it outside of the shrinking event pool. I'm really surprised staff never added retiring villager recolors each month for FD like is done for pets. They would have easily made their money back, at least in the past. Now with the shrinking userbase, whelp it is always concerning when a site as way more people trying to get out than in.

    • Wisteria, what is with the villagers not getting sick glitch?

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