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User ID: #92138
Username: Abaddon
Gender: Female
Registered: 18 Apr 2017, 2:52 am

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Please try not to send me gifts via item transfer, I won't accept them as I don't play anymore!

Villagers 8

Comments 46

    • please do! ♥ i'm def interested in purchasing one provided i have the FD when/if you sell them! i'll def save up regardless, just in case!

    • about your vista miraculous pink: aside from the raffle, will you be making more copies? :0 because i'd love to purchase one if you are! it's just super cute and i love it >w<

    • How much for the chino wickerbeats 'for sell'?

    • Just a newbie passing by! Awesome villagers you got here! Keep up the good work and stay awesome!

    • I love how your villagers are getting through
      viva la revolution
      an inspiration to us all :3c

    • But I will admit; your art is SUPER cute. Oh geeze, I can't believe I've never seen your art shop before!

    • Aw! <3 That is so kind of you, but there is really no need to go out of your way like that. You were able to take the slots fair and square; I don't hold any grudges so I hope you don't feel like you have to repay me. Honestly, if you want to draw a bust for me- then that would be so nice. But please don't feel like you NEED to.

    • That's cool! You should try watching Supernatural though, it's a very good TV show! All I can say about Abaddon's character in Supernatural, she is a demon and a knight of hell so she is like a superdemon, but she is overall kicka$$. She appears in seasons: 8 (episodes 12,22 and 23) 9 (episodes: 2, 6 10 11 and 21) and 10 (episodes: 1,3 and 14 featured in flashbacks only) So you don't have to watch much of the show.

    • Do like Supernatural (the TV show)? Because Abaddon is a character on that show! C:

    • Aaaaaah thank you so much!!! :D ^-^

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