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Animal Husbandry

Animal Husbandry Career Guide
By: E
last updated 6 Jan 2021

Animal Husbandry is classified as a Basic career, because it doesn't depend heavily on any other career to get started. It provides Animals to use as pets for your villagers. Each individual villager begins with 10 permanent Animal Stables and can add Animal Stables created by Construction Workers for additional slots.


Your villager's Stables may be visually sorted from the drop-down menu:

You may change the actual order of the Stables through the Mass Management option Manage Stables by clicking and dragging.


You may also Export empty Stables and/or Animals by ticking them off. You have to save the changes with the large button at the bottom of the page.



You can begin Animal Husbandry right away by sending your Villager out to attempt to Collect an animal. Your player account has an Hourly Attempt Cap of 10.


The account's Hourly Attempts resets at :00 of every hour.

It takes 30 minutes for your villager to complete their attempt at Collection. Your villager has a 70% chance of finding an animal when you Finish the action.

A successful Collection results in a random animal native to your Village.


Applying one of four Costumes to the villager increases collection chance by 20%. Eating a Dragonsmaw Pie can apply a random costume buff.
59-aquatic-costume.png 60-pirate-costume.png 63-fairy-costume.png 72-mythic-costume.png
Aquatic Costume | Pirate Costume | Fairy Costume | Mythic Costume

Outfits and Keepsakes can also increase collection chance if they are Buffed for this career. Each villager can equip up to 6 of each.

An animal has 0/10 Domestication when first Collected. Your villager has to tame it if you would like to Export the animal to your Inventory. Each taming session takes 10 minutes and raises the Domestication level by 1.


Animal Breeders begin at 50% mastery of each animal species, and gain 5% with each domestication. The first 10 domestications bring you up to 100% mastery. You may view your villager's progress at the View Mastery link.

Animal Breeders with 100% mastery fully domesticate an animal in one attempt, but the wait time accounts for all of the points. For example, it takes 100 minutes for the Villager to domesticate a 0/10 animal.
You may use items to instantly domesticate animals. The Snowflake Fairy and Chocolate Paw Prints grant 1 point of domestication at a time. Pumpkin Treats fully domesticate the animal.

To Transfer an animal directly between Animal Husbandry villagers, you can click on any stabled animal to bring up the Animal Transfer window. Enter the ID of the Villager who is receiving the animal, select the desired animal if the one you clicked on isn't what you want to send, and Continue.

If your active villager is in Animal Husbandry, you can also visit the Career page of the villager you want to transfer to, and select Transfer Animal to bring up the Animal Transfer window. In this case, the Villager ID is already filled in, since you accessed it specifically from their page.

Animal Transfer is the only way to move animals that are not fully domesticated, but it also works for animals that are Domesticated. Likewise, you can Release animals of any domestication level. Releasing an animal removes it entirely from your account, and you cannot retrieve the animal. You are asked to confirm a Release, but not an Export.

If you don't want to bother with Collecting and Domesticating animals, you may buy fully Domesticated animals in your village's animal shop lbfVwMy.png, the FurDollar Emporium, the User Stalls, and from other users in the Item Sales forum. Animals originating from pretty much any other source (Explorers, Referrals, Official Contests, Events, Consumable Items) do not need to be Domesticated either.



You have to Import Animals from your Inventory into a villager's empty Stables in order to Breed them. This can be done with the Mass Management option Import Animals or individually from each Stable. Mass Management allows you to select multiple animals from your inventory to import at the same time.


The selection window lists them in alphabetical order, but they will be imported following the Oldest to Newest order in your Inventory. Animals are imported into the first free Stable, so there is no choice in where you put the animals unless you import them individually.


Animal Breeders can Collect animals only from their own village, but they can Tame and Breed animals from any village or feature. Animals are categorized by Color and Species Rarity as Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare or Limited. While villagers may collect any animal native to their village, they of course most frequently collect Common Colors of Common Species.

Your account has a daily breeding limit of 50.

In order to breed animals, your villager must not be Collecting or Taming. Select Breed Here in any Empty Slot. Animals that are Breedable Now and in your villager's Stables show up in the Breeding window in alphabetical order by species, then by rarity with the rarest on top, followed by the order of the stable.


Animals have to be the same Species in order to be bred, so select the appropriate Female and Male to continue.


Your animals always produce 1 offspring with a Domestication level averaged from the two parents' levels. Female animals cannot be bred again until they reach the end of their Breeding Cooldown. Keep in mind that Sterile pets cannot be bred. Limited Species tend to have a set number of Breeding Charges or a limited breeding window before they become Sterile. Some Species are introduced as completely Sterile.


Common Species from all Villages have a 5 day cooldown.
Uncommon Species from all Villages have a 10 day cooldown.
Rare Species from all Villages have a 15 day cooldown.
Super Rare Species from all Villages have a 20 day cooldown.

The two bug Species found by Explorers have a 3 day cooldown. Capybuddies have a 10 day cooldown. Dromedary Calves have a 7 day cooldown.

Friendly Shrubs from the DMM pet shop Slimy Companions have a 7 day cooldown.

Donkeys from the Quest Shop have a 10 day cooldown.

Squearels and Komodo Dragons from the Cottage Shoppe have a 20 day cooldown.

Daily Wheel species have a 20 day cooldown and Breeding Charges as follows:
Common Colors have 5 Breeding Charges.
Uncommon Colors have 10 Breeding Charges.
Rare Colors have 15 Breeding Charges.
Super Rare Colors have 20 Breeding Charges.

Sweeticorns are not able to breed. The species originating from The Feast have a 10 day cooldown except for the Bunicake with a 20 day cooldown. Both the Bunicake and the Bat had limited Breeding Charges as follows:
Common Colors have 10 Breeding Charges.
Uncommon Colors have 15 Breeding Charges.
Rare Colors have 20 Breeding Charges.
Super Rare Colors have 25 Breeding Charges.
Starting in June with the Two Scoop Sloth, Feast Species all have Unlimited Breeding Charges for all rarities.

The Referral, beta period FurDollar Emporium and Knowledge Base Contest Limited Species have a 7 day cooldown.

Common Color KB Contest Species have 25 Breeding Charges.
Uncommon Color KB Contest Species have 50 Breeding Charges.
Rare Color KB Contest Species have 75 Breeding Charges.
Super Rare Color KB Contest Species have 100 Breeding Charges.

The Referral and beta period FurDollar Emporium Species have Unlimited Breeding Charges.

Beta Bugs have a 30 day cooldown.
Security Beta Bugs have 10 Breeding Charges.
Internet Beta Bugs have 25 Breeding Charges.
Virus Beta Bugs have 100 Breeding Charges.
Binary Beta Bugs have Unlimited Breeding Charges.

FurDollar Emporium species from December 2016 and January 2017 have a 30 day cooldown.
Common Colors have 5 Breeding Charges.
Uncommon Colors have 25 Breeding Charges.
Rare Colors have 100 Breeding Charges.
Super Rare Colors have Unlimited Breeding Charges.

FD Species from February 2017 were completely Sterile and granted from boxes. The boxes for each respective mini-pet have a 40% chance of opening into a Common, 30% chance of opening into an Uncommon, 20% chance of opening into a Rare, or a 10% chance of opening into a Super Rare. Boxes are priced at 250 FurDollars in contrast to the 500 FurDollars the animals used to cost.

FD Species from March 2017 were granted from boxes following the same percentages from February, but also had a 5 day cooldown and Unlimited Breeding Charges during the month of their release.

FD Species starting from April 2017 operate like March 2017's, but Super Rare Colors can now be directly purchased for 2000 FurDollars.

1447-white-snowbunny.png1451-white-snowfox.png | 2948-white-snowphoenix.png | 4186-white-snow-moose.png4190-white-snow-owl.png4194-white-snow-porcupine.png4198-white-snow-seal.png | 5461-white-snow-kitty.png5465-white-snow-lobster.png5469-white-snow-sheep.png5479-white-snow-dino.png | 6582-white-snow-calf.png6586-white-snow-crocodile.png6590-white-snow-dolphin.png6594-white-snow-moth.png
Snow Festival 2016, 2017, 2018 animals had a 1 day cooldown and Unlimited Breeding Charges for the two-week duration of their respective Festivals. 2019, 2020 animals had a 2 day cooldown and Unlimited Breeding Charges until Jan 31.

399-white-cloud-cat.png403-white-cloud-dragon.png407-white-cloud-fennec.png411-white-cloud-koi.png415-white-cloud-wolf.png | 3060-white-cloud-bear.png3068-white-cloud-python.png3064-white-cloud-otter.png | 4371-white-cloud-manta.png4379-white-cloud-sheep.png4375-white-cloud-scorpion.png | 5677-white-cloud-cloud.png5681-white-cloud-cow.png5685-white-cloud-shark.png
Serpent Festival 2017, 2018, 2019 animals had a 1 day cooldown and Unlimited Breeding Charges for the two-week duration of their respective Festivals. 2020 animals had a 1 day cooldown and Unlimited Breeding Charges for the three-week duration of its Festival.

Serpent's Eggs acquired from completing the Serpent Festival 2017 mystery or from purchasing at the Gala for 5 Feathers hatch into all color variations of the Feathered Serpents. The eggs could be incubated by logging in for 30 days uninterrupted for a higher chance at rarer colors. The animals are completely Sterile and were never bred. They are now also available at the Cottage Shoppe.

2232-grey-pet-rock.png2240-spotted-english-pointer.png2236-golden-leoclaw.png | 3375-red-enfield.png3381-bleeding-heart-plague-bird.png | 4735-red-balloon-buddy.png | 5901-citrus-chubby-dragon.png
Olde Foxbury Tournament 2017 animals had a 7 day cooldown and Unlimited Breeding Charges until July 1, 2017. 2018 animals had a 7 day cooldown and Unlimited Breeding Charges for a couple months. 2019 Balloon Buddies have a 10 day cooldown and Unlimited Breeding Charges. 2020 animals were completely Sterile and never bred.

2596-marble-pegasus.png2600-capuchin-pirate-monkey.png2604-scarlet-pirate-parrot.png2608-timber-wolf-cub.png | 3661-albino-mighty-serpent.png3665-ruby-micro-kraken.png | 5024-pink-pearl-leafy-seadragon.png5028-shimmer-narwhal.png | 6109-indigo-humpback-whale.png
Oceandome Treasure Hunt 2017, 2018, 2020 event animals were completely Sterile and never bred. 2019 animals have a 10 day cooldown and Unlimited Breeding Charges.

2788-brown-batbat.png2792-green-ectoplasm.png2803-classic-lil-spoop.png2807-brown-magic-ratty.png | 3853-snake-balloonimal.png3857-chocolate-narwhapple.png | 5267-black-cat-floopling.png5271-son-of-son-of-frankenrat.png | 6428-mayoral-top-hat-mimic.png6446-pale-haunting-horse.png6450-lil-green-hopping-mage.png
Dragonsmaw Manor Great Harvest 2017 event animals had a 7 day or 5 day cooldown and Unlimited Breeding Charges until November 30, 2017. 2018 Balloonimals were Sterile, but Narwhapples have a 5 day cooldown and Unlimited Breeding Charges. 2019, 2020 animals were completely Sterile and never bred.

2390-dark-orchid-mystic-kitsune.png2391-star-guardian-mystic-kitsune.png | 2725-vampire-spooky-kitsune.png2726-lil-witchy-spooky-kitsune.png | 2897-happy-holly-festive-kitsune.png2898-winter-wonderland-festive-kitsune.p | 3050-rainbow-cloud-kitsune.png | 3228-howling-were-kitsune.png | 3379-classic-bard-kitsune.png3380-modern-bard-kitsune.png
Wolves, Challengers, Snow Festival, Serpent Festival, Random Award and Olde Foxbury Festival Event Kitsunes were completely Sterile and never bred.

3033-frost-elemental-drax.png3037-flame-heart-elemental-drax.png | 3162-haunted-dark-drax.png3163-necromanced-dark-drax.png
Frost Ring and Mystic Gardens Event Drax were completely Sterile and never bred. Dark Drax can be crafted using Dark Gemstones.

Eggstravaganza Chocolate Bunnies were completely Sterile and never bred.

Golem Rubble Runts were completely Sterile and never bred.

Black Friday Gemlins had a 1 day cooldown and Unlimited Breeding Charges until Dec 1, 2018. Baublins had a 2 day cooldown and Unlimited Breeding Charges until Dec 31, 2019. Box odds were bumped up to 30% Common, 30% Uncommon, 25% Rare, and 15% Super Rare for these special FD pets.

Crafted, alchemized and grown pets are completely Sterile and never bred.

Pets redeemed with a code are completely Sterile and never bred.

Soup Quacker from SoupVilla 2019, animals from the Recycling Shop, OD exploration's Dunkey, OFB's Squeaker, The Abyss' Heraclex, Battle Moos and exploration's Chow Chow are completely Sterile and never bred.

Animals with breeding limitations are still bred as normal until they run out of charges or their time is up.


Sterile animals can be revitalized with the Water of Life. It must be used from the inventory on a sterile animal in your inventory. That sterile animal will be made permanently breedable with +2 maximum breeding charges. It will have its previous breeding cooldown (exceptions noted below) or a breeding cooldown of 7 days if it was never Breedable to start.

Cloud Pets have had their breeding cooldowns adjusted to 10 days, up from 1.
Baublin cooldown is now 15, up from 2.
Gemlin cooldown is now 15, up from 1.

The following animals refuse to drink this potion:
Snow Pets, Plantimals, Mechanical Pets, Daily Wheel Exclusive Pets

Abada, Dark Drax, Elemental Drax, Rubble Runts, Ant Farm, 'Yote, Bard Kitsune, Mystic Kitsune, Spooky Kitsune, Festive Kitsune, Cloud Kitsune, Were-Kitsune, Sweeticorn, Feathered Serpent, and Battle Moos


If animals run out of charges, you have the opportunity to restore charges with a ReVita-Bites Biscuit. They are available in the Cottage Shoppe individually or as a ReVita-Bites Pet Treats pack of 10.

The Color of the offspring is randomly generated based on the parent with the higher Color Rarity. Thus, a common breeding strategy is to use a Rare or Super Rare colored male to breed with many females of any rarity.


80% 613-pink-lung-dragon.png| 20% 614-green-lung-dragon.png

Common Color parents have an 80% chance of a Common Color and a 20% chance of an Uncommon Color.


70% 613-pink-lung-dragon.png| 20% 614-green-lung-dragon.png| 10% 616-brown-lung-dragon.png

Uncommon Color parents have a 70% chance of a Common Color, a 20% chance of an Uncommon Color, and a 10% chance of a Rare Color.


68% 613-pink-lung-dragon.png| 20% 614-green-lung-dragon.png| 10% 616-brown-lung-dragon.png| 2% 615-gold-lung-dragon.png

Rare and Super Rare Color parents have a 68% chance of a Common Color, a 20% chance of an Uncommon Color, a 10% chance of a Rare Color, and a 2% chance of a Super Rare Color.

If you end up with an animal whose sex is the opposite of what you would like it to be, you can use a Breeding Potion to change it.


An animal in a Stable must not currently be in Transfer. Your villager can however be out Collecting or Taming another animal. Animals can also be any level of Domestication when using a Breeding Potion. You are also free to change the Sex from your Inventory, in which case the animal must be in your inventory.


Clicking Continue immediately changes your animal's sex and consumes the Breeding Potion in your Inventory. There is no other confirmation.



Your animal also follows its new sex's Breeding Cooldown regulations. Male animals completely disregard the Cooldown and can be bred at any time. However, its date of creation or last breeding is still part of its data, and the Breeding Cooldown is applied from that date when it becomes a Female. Conversely, when a Female changes to a Male, it becomes Breedable immediately.

If you would like to upgrade the Color Rarity of your animal by one level, you can use a Hallowed Potion to change it.


When first introduced, there was a glitch with the potion rendering pets Sterile.

* * *

Animals that are Domesticated can be Exported into your Inventory, and from there you have a variety of options that are not directly related to the Animal Husbandry villager. Your animal can be transferred, traded, stored and sold like any other item. Unique to Animals though is the ability to be donated to Warren, to be your villager's companion, and to be displayed in the Menagerie.


Warren provides a home to all of the animals that you no longer want. Access his page with the Donate Animals button at the bottom of your villager's Animal Husbandry career page. He will award you leaves based on the Color rarity of the pets you donate to his forest. Pet donations will be shown on a leaderboard for fun. Make sure you're donating animals on the villager you want to appear on the leaderboard.
Each pet is worth one leaf. You can use the leaves to purchase items in the Cottage Shoppe. He sells supplies useful for Animal Husbandry, a few unique Species, and various other goodies.
During the Snow Festival, Warren accepts Snow Pets in exchange for Vials of Lifewater based on their Color rarity at Rainbow Falls. One hundred vials are used in the Water of Life Recipe. White Snow Pets give 1 vial, Dirty Snow Pets give 3 vials, Melting Snow Pets give 6 vials, and Decorated Snow Pets give 10 vials.

The information box for the item in your Inventory allows you to give an animal to a villager that does not already have a pet.



A newly attached pet starts with iLDQSLI.png 0 and gains 1 point each time you play with it. You can play with it starting 1 hour after it is attached, and again every hour after the last click. You can rename the pet with the pencil icon and detach it with the x.

WEsp5Tg.png +iLDQSLI.png PkmIYds.png

While it it true that you can unequip the pet at anytime, you lose the iLDQSLI.png points accumulated on that pet. Currently, pets can only bring back some FC for your villager, but there are plans to implement abilities.

Your Menagerie can be used to show off your Animal collection. It can hold one of each unique animal (e.g. if you have already added a male Pink Lung Dragon, you may not add another male Pink Lung Dragon, but you may add a female Pink Lung Dragon). The information box for the item in your Inventory allows you to add the animal or notifies you that it's already in the Menagerie.


You may also use Quickstock to add Animals to your Menagerie, but it does not warn you about duplicates until after you Confirm the action.


Note: User Menageries used to be called User Stables, but were renamed to reduce confusion.

From your Menagerie page, you may visually sort your animals by Species, Village, Sex, Species Rarity, Color Rarity, Name and time added.


If you would like to remove your animal, click on the small red circle.


Animals in the Menagerie are all labeled first with their Color Rarity and then with their Species Rarity. For example, a Lion Manti is a Common Color Common Species, while a Silver Manti is an Uncommon Color Common Species.

There are currently 2988 animals to collect in the Menagerie, as it holds both male and female versions. Check out all the ones you're missing in the Missing List. You may view an organized list of animals in the Minipet Guide sorted by method of origin, Species Rarity (for village animals), and ascending Color Rarity.

This page was last updated Jan 2021.