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Warrior Achievements and Career Logs!

Posted by Owner-Quinn on 31 Mar 2020, 2:29 am


Heya Furriends!

There's been a few coding related updates!

First, achievements for the Warrior career should now work correctly.

4 of the Warrior achievements were no longer applicable and have been removed. In the future we plan to rework some of the achievements for this and other careers.


Secondly, you may now view working career logs for all careers!

These logs can be found on the bottom of your villagers' career pages, in the Statistics box next to the Achievements link. The logs will keep track of all the important information from each villager action within each career. Each individual entry in the log will be stored for a month before automatically being cleaned out.

See below for information about each career's log:

Doctor, Crafter, Tailor, Alchemist, Cook: the logs will show all items crafted.

Blacksmith: the logs will show equipment forged and the results of scrapping equipment.

Breeder: the logs will show the results of all Taming, Collecting, and Breeding activities from stables. Note that animal donation already has its own log.

Construction Worker: the logs will show all items crafted as well as items repaired.

Explorer: the logs will show items collected from every exploration as well as any special events encountered.

Herbalist: the logs will show the plant yield of every seed harvested.

Warrior: the logs will show information from every completed battle from both PVP and battlegrounds, including the outcome, Valor Points, FC, and loot rewards.

Please let me know in the bug report forum if you notice any inaccuracies or errors with the logs. Also, please report any other odd new behaviors observed with game play.... sometimes I can't help but chew on the code a little bit too much!

- Hiker Quinn

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    • The career logs are one of my favorite functions <3

    • ... I was just wondering about the warrior achievements yesterday, and then I looked at this...

      I'm a little spooked. o_o

    • This is such a neat update!

    • This is such a neat update!

    • NOTE: as of 02:30 AM FV time all previous hidden career logs were cleared.

    • Do I smell... warrior trophies?