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April Is Here!!!

Posted by Admin-Mat on 1 Apr 2020, 5:22 pm


April is here and that means it’s time for some new, and returning, items!

New Minipets

Time to take a peek at the April FD Pets!


First up are the Snufflepups!


The Gaiacat is back!


And they brought the Meep with them!

FD Pets can be obtained from the FurDollar Emporium. They have five day breeding cool downs and are available for breeding until May 1st.

April Feast Minipets



The April 2019 Seeds are back! Check out what we have for this month...

Dragonsmaw Manor: 4543-sinister-sudsy-seed.png4537-spined-sudsy.png

Oceandome: 4541-aquatic-sudsy-seed.png4534-bubbling-sudsy.png

Olde Foxbury: 4542-armoured-sudsy-seed.png4538-spiral-sudsy.png

Quetzal Palace: 4539-radiant-sudsy-seed.png4535-decorative-sudsy.png

Tigereye Peak: 4540-frozen-sudsy-seed.png4536-ghostly-sudsy.png

Happy April Everyone!

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    • oh my god those snufflepups

    • Hawkfeather13
      You get it on your bday when you log in, or can buy it anytime in the FD shop

    • Do we get the birthday boxes on the actual birthday or the month?

    • Thanks so much for adding the bday items btw, just bought em ^-^ And got a SR snufflepup n my 2nd box <3

    • The feast minipets! THEY'RE SO CUTE!

    • Will the April b day items be added soon too?

    • About time you posted this.