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Scheduled Downtime, at 0:15 Thursday July 2nd

Posted by Owner-Quinn on 30 Jun 2020, 3:31 pm


Heya everyone!

We are planning a scheduled downtime for Thursday, July 2nd, fifteen minutes past midnight Furvilla Time.

The downtime will be primarily to perform updates and testing related to the upcoming Olde Foxbury Festival. We estimate it will last a couple hours.

We will have more details about the exact dates for the festival pending successful completion of the downtime.

Thank you!

-Hiker Quinn

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    • Micheal Normally for smaller updates they don't have to take the site down, but for larger updates and new features they have to take the site off line to update it. So they're just letting us know so that if we'd normally be logging in around that time to keep our daily login streaks, we'll have to either plan to log in just before the site goes down, or keep our eyes open on the discord or their twitter account to know when the site is back online~ And it also lets us know that something bigger and more exciting than usual could be on its way~ X3

    • Thank you for letting us know! I don't plan to be on at that time, but if I do end up being on at that time, It would be good to know why it's offline. I can't wait to see the new updates!!

    • thank you for letting us know. can't wait to see the updates

    • Thanks for telling us. ^^

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    • I didn't know we had a downtown to do updates in, let alone in general! There seems to be a typo here lol ovo"!