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Clinic - Beta end, 48 hrs to complete discharges!

Posted by Owner-Quinn on 1 Jun 2021, 12:19 am


First of all, I don't mean to steal Mat's thunder!

But this is a necessary post with regards to the Clinic.

The beta test has officially ended. No more patients should spawn again until the Clinic returns in an official capacity. As we will need much time balancing out the patient pool and making necessary improvements, we do not currently have an ETA for the Clinic's release.

For the next 48 hours, you will still be able to discharge any undischarged patients.

At the turn of midnight when it becomes June 3rd, all patients still awaiting discharge will be purged and doctors will not get credit towards their healing counts.

After that, I will begin to give out awards as outlined HERE.

I will give out these trophies and items personally, one by one, so please be patient with me! I will post a follow-up news post when all the awards have all been sent.

Thanks again! Your help has been invaluable!


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    • Strange, I have two doctors and each healed over 50 patients each, but no trophies.. Did I have to reach 500 in each Doctor's profession too.? I'm really confused atm.

    • I misread the deadline somehow and thought it was at the end of June 3rd, not the start lmao
      There goes 165 patients lost in the void haha

    • It was a lot of fun. I wish I could have gotten to 500 but not sad about the amount of patients my doctor got to work on with the limited time I had.
      Thank you for giving my doctor something fun to do. :}

    • It was fun while it lasted,

    • Do we have to keep any villagers who were doctors and participated in this as doctors or can we change them back to another occupation?

    • So that means...

      "Clinical-trials" have ended. XP

      ...I'll see myself out.