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Downtime Complete!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 11 Mar 2022, 11:52 pm


Hi everyone!

We are back from our scheduled downtime, and have quite a few things to announce! This is gonna' be a long one... better get a snack.

Medicines Now Stack
In preparation for the release of the Clinic later this year, medicines crafted by Doctors have been reworked.

• Any medicines that are crafted or mixed to 100% potency will now be created as a stackable item. This means once a Doctor masters a recipe, their medicines will conveniently stack together!

• Any previously existing medicines of 100% potency have now become “Legacy” medicines. Legacy medicines remain uniquely unstackable.

• If desired, any Legacy medicine can be individually converted to stackable from the inventory. This cannot be undone.

• Medicines of less than 100% potency are still created unstackable.

• If two low-potency medicines are mixed to produce a 100% potency medicine, the resulting medicine will be stackable.

• Quests that ask for medicine will now only take the 100% potency stackable version of medicine.

• When the Clinic is released, any form of a medicine will be accepted by patients regardless of potency and legacy status. Thus, your Legacy and low potency medicine will still have a use. So keep that in mind when you convert and mix medicines.

There is potential for bugs here, so if you notice anything not working as intended, please let Quinn know in the bug report forum.

2022 Plans and Village Festival Pause
I want to take this opportunity be very transparent and let you all in on what our plans are for the remainder of 2022 here in Furvilla. Typically, each village has it's very own festival every year. This year, however, is going to be a bit different.

There will be no village-specific festivals happening in Furvilla in 2022. Annual village festivals will resume in 2023.
Currency from festivals will still be good in future years, and the gameplay of festivals are not anticipated to change, unless to be expanded upon.

Why has this decision been made?

When Quinn and I took over Furvilla back in late 2018, we had some big dreams for quality of life improvements and other expansions. While we have been able to realize many of these projects, our need for art assets has intensified beyond our capacity to provide for both these needs on top of festival needs.

Instead of slogging along with site improvements while festivals suck up our time and assets, we've decided to re-prioritize permanent site improvements over temporary festivals.

We have scheduled our current incredible artists to work on tasks other than festival prizes and assets. Behind the scenes, we've already procured quite a bit of amazing work that we will be able to release throughout the year in lieu of festivals.

Here is just a small sampling of the type of content coming over the next few months!

Our first major release will be the re-vamped Doctor Career and Clinic, scheduled to fully release this year.

New Daily
You know that sign over in Town Hall? That one that's been there?

Coming Soon (tm)


We have been hard at work on a new daily which will award a mountain of prizes, as sampled above. I hear it's going to be run by a rarely-seen NPC already from Furvilla... can you guess who?


Battlefield Refresh and Expansion
We have several plans for the Warrior career's battlefields. Our first project will be refreshing and revamping The Abyss. Also in development is a ladder-like battleground that will get more difficult as you progress though the ranks of creatures inside.

Too terrifying to even preview! Eek!

We will also be bringing back some previously released fearsome felines in a permanent battlefield that will challenge the most hardened of Warriors!

The CATS are coming back... and they've brought reinforcements!

Also in development...
While I am always reluctant to give away too much of what we have planned, (unless it is with absolute certainty), here are a few other little snippets of what we have slated to tackle in 2022...

Construction career clean-up.
The Clawtooth Bazaar, a traveling fair where you will be able to trade with the citizens of Clawtooth for special and rare goods.
Paintie Marketplace - An easy, buyer and artist friendly way to buy and sell painties.
• Species addition and expansion.
Explore event graphics and expansion.
• Additional Quest prizes.
• Many quality of life improvements.
• And more (tm).

That's all I can really share for now.

Daily Wheel Expansion
OH! I almost forgot... As of now, over 50 new items have been added to Daily Wheel boxes. I hope you will enjoy discovering these new prizes!


Thank you so much for playing Furvilla. We hope that you will enjoy everything we have in store for you this year!

- Quinn and Aspen -

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    • Thank you guys for the continuous updates! I got back from another hiatus and still keep coming back to FV to check up on things. Glad to see things are still going!!! :D

    • Ohh, the anticipation!! ;0;

    • I think straychowchows ideas cool too.. cause when i first joined i had no clue how festivals worked so i missed out on a pile of cool items... only if you want to though

      Glad there is more wheel items OwO

    • Can I please suggest not adding recipes to the database before they become available to get? The cook career has had an unobtainable achievement for this reason for well over a year now :(

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      Thank you for your continued hard work omg, Furvilla is in great hands!