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New Animals to Collect!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 28 Oct 2022, 2:34 pm


Hi everyone!

Is your Menagerie craving new critters? Well, you are in luck. Several new animals have made themselves at home in the various villages in Furvilla!

The following animals have been permanently added to each village's animal collection pool:

Let's give a warm welcome to Mounturtle, Lepinathae, Treeple, Hermit Crab and Wyverling!

Villagers in the Animal Husbandry career will have a chance to collect these new friends by selecting any empty stable and choosing the option "collect here".

The village you reside in will determine the species of animal your villager will collect. Remember, you may collect animals already in your village's species pool, so it may take several tries to nab these new critters. You will also need to domesticate them before removing them from your stables.

These new animals are designated as a rare species, with 15 day cool-downs. By breeding, you will be able to collect uncommon, rare, and super rare colorations.

I hope you all find lots of new pals to join you on your journey!
- Aspen -
(My favourite is Treeple.)

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    • coooool

    • Wwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaa
      Yes thank you so much oWo

    • ooo they all look super cute

    • I love the black and red one I hope that is DMM

    • Oooo yay! More minipets are always a welcome update! I think I like the turtle or the hermit crab best. <3

    • Thank you! They are awesome!

    • New Minipets and new colors?? That sound so cool!

    • A tree minipet? That is adorable.

    • NEW PETS NEW PETS WOOO wyverling and lepinathae my beloved!!!