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Doctor Update now Live!

Posted by Owner-Quinn on 5 Nov 2022, 9:03 pm


Hi everyone! We are so delighted to announce the release of our Doctor Career Update! This post will be a long one, you may wish to grab a cup of tea.

The Doctor Career Revamp is Now Live!

You may now access the Clinic from your Doctors' career pages.

We proudly to introduce Doctor Elsbeth Blackwing, a traveling physician who will refer patients to your Clinic.

To see patients, you need to designate a Doctor as on call. Once a Doctor takes call duty, they must remain on call for at least 6 hours. Only one of your Doctors can be on call at a time, and only after their minimum shift is over can they either end their shift or be relieved.

Sick patients will appear in the Clinic's Sick Ward. Some only require one treatment, while others require multiple treatments from different doctors. Each patient's chart will show you pertinent patient information, including illness and treatment required, as well as the payment you will receive for curing them.

Once a patient is fully treated, they will then be transferred to Discharges where your Doctor can send them home and collect payment. Patients can only be discharged by the Doctors that treated them. Although your treated patients won't ever disappear, it is good practice to discharge all your patients before ending a call shift.

In addition to payment, there are other rewards for treating patients. There is a Leader Board that will show which Doctors have treated the most patients. As promised, progress obtained during the Beta test has been retained, which had been capped at 500.

In addition, Doctors are now eligible for new Achievements on their career achievement page.

Something to hang in your office!

There's special prizes from Dr Blackwing too!

New patients will be admitted at random times, but you can count on a group arriving on the hour every hour. To help you keep track, an icon representing the Clinic will turn yellow when new patients have arrived in the past 10 minutes. Clicking that icon will take you directly to the Clinic page.

Many rewards are possible when you cure patients, including Magic Beans Seed Packet and various Chunks.


More on the chunks above in a moment, but first let's talk about the Magic Bean Seed Packet. When opening a packet, you will be awarded with a random number of Magic Beans, up to six if you are very lucky! These beans may be grown by Herbalists to create Beanstalks, a vital ingredient to craft new items!

Green is always in style.

New Item Type: Curios

When curing a rarer disease, Doctors may receive an animal carving as a reward.

These animal carvings are nice, but they need a bit more... something.

Ahh, that is much prettier!

Curios are a new type of item that you can collect and use. When you attach a Curio to a Villager, you will receive a special buff in addition to buffs similar to what you would obtain from a buffed outfit or keepsake. Curios may also provide stats in battle! Each animal has been specially tailored to specific careers.

Please note, Warrior stats given by Curios are disregarded in the Standard Tourney. In addition, we are planning an update to the Standard Tourney banned list later this year. Admin-Wisteria will be running a test and feedback forum later this month.

Curios are difficult to craft, and in many cases will require the efforts of many Villagers, as well as help from friends in other Villages to obtain the items you need to craft them. Don't be discouraged! With time and teamwork, anything is possible in Furvilla!

Take heed! Removing a Curio from a Villager will cause it to revert to its original carving form, and you will need to craft the buffed version again. Before you decide to give one of these valuable items to your Villager, be sure you'd like it to stay on that Villager. Currently, the only exception to this rule is the special Curio you will receive by earning a diamond doctor trophy, Elsbeth Blackwing's Broach.

Each player has been given a Curio Case, visible on your user profile, where you may display and store your crafted Curios for all to see.

Quest Shop Updates

As of now, all medicines have been permanently removed from Quests to help you to focus on curing patients.

Many new Items have been added to the Quest Shop, including the recipes you will need to create Curios.




You will also find recipes that require the Magic Beans you will earn by curing patients.



Thank you for your patience with the downtime, and while we worked on this very much needed update. As always, please report any bugs you find in the bug forums, and Quinn will do his best to stomp them out.

More to come!
- Quinn and Aspen -

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    • Owner-Quinn The Morganite frenchie requires a limited item (Ana's feathered roast) that can only be found by opening feast fairies (or during the TEP festival), and not cooked. Is this correct? I know the curios are meant to be difficult to craft, but this seems like it might have been an oversight.

    • *tips hat* Quinn and Aspen and the entire Furvilla staff. Ahmazing!

    • I love the animal carvings so much! <3

    • YESSSS a moth npc!!! <3<3<3

    • Might wanna request a reindexing of furvilla. Google has picked up the maintaince page and decided your site should be shown as “Furvilla: site maintainance” in search results.
      “ Furvilla: Site Maintenancehttps://www.furvilla.com
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    • I'm excited to turn to Furvilla now! I can turn my doctor back to doctor again! I'll just have to make someone else inactive

    • Ok... may I add another 'WOW!!!' ta this in also usin' this as an avenue ta showcase more of all the amazin' creations you all design?!! Sheesh m'so blown away by how they look ya'd never even wanna imagine'em gettin' ill... an do everythin' ya could ta help'em get better! {:)

    • wow... jus'... !!!WOW!!!... I even would occassionally give m'wurrwolfy snowglobe'a shiny, sparkly glitter a shake in anticipation'a what all might be in store fer us all here an even that hardly prepared me fer this!... s'all I can do ta keep from suddenly emittin' a glass-shatterin' 'squeeeeee!' that even dolphins would go 'geeze even WE weren't that excited! LOL ;)