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Birds are here!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 9 Dec 2022, 5:18 pm


A new Villager species, Bird, has come to Furvilla!

Feathered friends!

Twelve Bird colorations have been added to the site, as well as three brand new Corvid colorations!

Be sure to see them all in the Base and Recolor List.

Creating a Bird Villager
Bird Villagers may be created in three ways; by magic plush, magic sticker, or by morphing potion. Please note that "hen" colorations have nothing to do with any set gender, and any Bird Villager can be any birdie color. ♥

Bird Morphing Potion Recipe is now available in the Recycling Shop.


To craft this recipe, you will need various items acquired through gameplay, as well as Bluebird Feathers.
Ohhhh... that's what they are for...

Bluebird Feathers are awarded by curing villagers of the Bird species in the Clinic.

Magical Plush featuring Birds are also available as prizes from the Plush Collector. The new Corvid designs are there too!

Lookit all those cuties!

New items in Shops!
Magic Bird Sticker may be found in the FD Emporium.

"I turn any Villager into a Chibi Bird like me!"

You may find a new recipe for Tailors, Little Knitted Blackbird Recipe, in the Recycling Shop.

Blackbird fly!

New bird related items are also in the Cottage Shoppe!


Feed the Birds!

The item, Little Buddy Birdie Feeder is quite special and introduces a new daily activity! You may purchase this feeder in the Cottage Shoppe.

You may equip the feeder to your Daily Streak page to attract birds of all sorts. Each day you log in, up to 10 days, you increase your chances of collecting various rarities of prizes, including these new items...


Don't worry, once your feeder is equipped, you won't lose it for missing a log-in, it will just reset to day one. There is also no limit to the amount of feeders a user may equip.

You also may be lucky enough to attract a Birdorchest! This openable's contents vary in value, ranging from certain past festival magic plushes to a fine assortment of sky rocks.

Is it worth it to open? That is up to you.

Welcome, Birds!
- Aspen -

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    • Didn't realize the bird feeder was a one-time use. I waited 10 days, got a vampbird (not even one of the new items), and lost my feeder. Yeeeeaaahhh...not doing that again. At least I only wasted leaves on --one-- feeder...

    • The Little Buddy Bird Feeder should have more then one use!!! I'm glad I read the comments or I would have spent my hard earned leaves on a one use item. I mean it's not listed anywhere in this news post that this item cannot be used more then once. You should have made that more clear in this update. Please fix this and don't confuse your community of players by forgetting to list this sort of information. We would prefer if it was listed out right that items like that are only one use. Plus what happened to the festivals? I haven't been active much anymore because there isn't much to do. I am a loyal player despite this but seriously why did the festivals stop? We still need to have something to do other than grind to level up our characters with their various different careers.

    • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH IT'S BIRBS!!!!!!!! This is amazing!!!!! TTvTT

      Agree about the sheep morphing potions though....please, I really need it for one of my villagers ;^;

    • Goodness I love all the birds!

    • Seriously guys, don't buy these rip-offs.

      I bought them before it was revealed they are single use/consumable, and out of 40 feeders I didn't even get one of each of the new items.

      If you value your leaves, stay far, far away.

      Festivals died for this.

    • Late to the party but the Birdie Feeder for the daily streak is the biggest ripoff. Go out of my way for a one-day use despite it having a description that is vague and makes it sound like you have multiple chances at different birds and some jibberish about a 10 day streak. Bogus. :/

    • Didnt realise the feeder was one use, i think you should make that clearer.